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Friday, October 14, 2016

"Counting our Blessings..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Friday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for over 30 years
Above photo, Judy hosting her annual
Break the fast Yom Kippur celebration
on October 12, 2016

Counting our blessings

 I begin to count our blessing especially focusing on our health
and how we have been blessed with a good ending to the Jewish year. As I have begun to live in the “second”half of my life, I have been reminded repeatedly how precious life has been and how health is a priority when it comes to being happy. Without our good health, nothing can be accomplished; success, and happiness take a back seat if good health does not prevail.
Judith's youngest son , Joel suffered
a heart attacked this past year.
We are happy to say he is doing fine
and on his way to a complete

This past year we have had to face many tribulations when it came to our grown children's lives. No one expects to have their children face serious health issues at their ages in the 30's and it is a shock to a parent to face these while staying positive and being much older than they are.

My eldest son had to face serious back surgery that fortunately had a happy result; my daughter in law had to face and endure cancer surgery for which she is doing very well and my youngest son facing a heart attack and subsequent surgery to repair the heart. 
Judith's eldest son Jacob
faced serious back surgery
and daughter-in-law
Audrey had to endure
Cancer surgery
 and treatments

All these happenings have taken its tole on my husband and myself. As we age, we naturally expect the passing of our parents at some point, having lost my dad last year; the last of our collective parents are now resting in peace. No one expects their
younger children to have health issues at such young ages; its an unnatural occurrence to live with.

Each of them has had a guardian angle watching over them; proving again the human spirit can endure and survive if the will is there. They have all been given new leases on life; for which we will be forever grateful.

All these happenings make us once again step back and take inventory of our lives and what the important issues are. Living a happy productive life is not possible if the health does not cooperate; its so important to be on top of our own health. I work with many patients that have for one reason or another, let their lives fall into disrepair and their health has taken a back seat. They decide to play“catch up” with health issues and many times it is just too late to turn back the clock.

We still struggle with health care needs in our country; yes many are still uninsured or have substandard health care provided for them. It's a cycle of sadness. Many people know they are sick
 and choose to ignore what can be serious symptoms because of the cost. If taken care of timely, the cost would be far less but we have not ironed out those problems in our country yet.

As for our family, we have been blessed with happy, healthy children that are once again thriving. I for one, have been reminded repeatedly this year that I will not take one day for granted and I will enjoy and take every opportunity that comes my way to live a happy, healthy life.
'Judy, Judy, Judy...'

For those who follow Judith's blog her son Joel is 'Luthier' , a Guitar Doctor in LA and works at Normans Rare Guitars.  Recently Rick Springfield stopped in for a visit, how cool is that! 
Hana Hou, (Encore)