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Monday, June 12, 2017

"A special call from a friend..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #191)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!
Ivanka is her first name and Obama is her last name
she is a bipartisan dog!

Blog #1944-Kimo's world #191

A special call from a friend

Last week I was contemplating putting this blog to rest. I have recently read articles about how  blogging has died and that most people  prefer linking  to and reading social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter and a new host of many I have never heard of.  People like the quick fix in their reading and gathering information as well as they like their quick fix in  fast food. 

I was sitting watching 'Judge Judy'
 when a friend I hadn't heard from in over a year called to tell me about a friend of his who can heal people and he had actually witnessed him shrink a woman's breast tumor.  This healer lives on Kauai's north shore and can charge $500.00 an hour for his services. My buddy told me he is getting into this healing himself. They offered this service to me for free should I decide to go for it.

He asked how my back and spine was, he called because he sensed something was up. (he's very intuitive, because something was up!) I told him I have been seeing a pain specialist and they are heavily recommending a spinal simulator, it's like a pacemaker for the spine. Basically the pain nerves
to my brain are blocked electronically with this implanted device connected by wires attached to my spinal cord. This is a break through technology. No future fusions or epidurals. I am researching all I can find and have not found any negative effects to this procedure?

My buddy tells me about forgiveness and a clean heart, forgive your haters and  those whom have wronged you, having negativity is a huge source of pain, disease and so much sickness.
 Many times when I write for the local paper, people comment and I am personally attacked.  Sure, I have grown a thick skin over the years but the cumulative effect of having people hate you, has made me into a hater. I was never a hater before in my life.  My blog is more controllable since I am the editor and delete any comments I don't like. 

I have made a conscious effort to truly forgive my haters even if they hate me, along with this attitude my friend prayed for a healing for my spine and general health which has not been so good for many years. 

That afternoon after our conversation my lower back and left leg pain had subsided!  I would prefer a healing over a device planted into my body.  Who knows, you know what they say,"The Lord works in mysterious ways."

My buddy may be on to something, haters can hate, but I refuse to play their  game. 

I wish to share with all of you an email I sent to the guest-bloggers of dakinetalk blog  last week. For the next two months there will be no guest-bloggers.

Aloha Guest-bloggers and readers of dakinetalk blog,
   Dakinetalk blog is slowing down.
   I am going to take a break from Guest bloggers for the month of June and July since I am sitting at the computer too long. Each blog is very time consuming to layout , post and follow up on. Each guest blog can take 2-3 hours from layout to post production of following up on comments.
   I will concentrate on Kimo's world every Monday and maybe not even every Monday, just as I feel for now.
   Time to enjoy the great outdoors,and stretch my back. Doctors orders to not sit so long, wish I could lay out blog on the iPhone.
   No submissions for now unless an alien ship lands at your back door or "The Donald personally visits you.  ;-)
   Mahalo for all the work you have done for the blog.
   Write on, and hope to get this going full time again in the near future.
James "Kimo" Rosen
Publisher, Blogger-n-chief-dakinetalk blog

Funniest SNL skit in a long time, to all my senior friends-- this is a must see! Guaranteed to have you Laughing out loud! ;-)The Amazon Echo Silver 
Check it out!

Hana Hou, Encore!

Mahalo to Unc for sending this Meme!