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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"It's a different world nowadays..."

It's a different world nowadays, most people including myself read their local daily newspaper online and one of the features and advantages is being able to be interactive with any story. Most articles have comment boards where you can write back along with anyone else who read the story and insert your two cents worth.

Since I live in a small town (small island)many times people will attack you with personal here-say that has nothing to do with the article.

I recently wrote an opinion article about the local correctional facility that the local paper ran in the editorial section of the Kaua'i Garden Island news. The gist of the article was two point.

!- Prisons are not Hotels

2- We need to enforce stricter rules to defer crime, such as chain gangs and the death penalty.

Here are some responses to that article, these are actually quoted from the comments page of that article;
"Nobody cares if you dumpster dive for your dog's dinner & nobody really cares if you get hauled off to jail for trespassing. Nobody cares if you have Christmas envy. NOBODY CARES"

"You are obviously unstable based on the fact that you named your dog Obama. That is pretty racist, equating our failed president to a black dog don't you think? The guy already has enough legitimate critics and doesn't’t need people like you comparing him to a mangy flea ridden animal. I know you are upset that he has lied and broken almost all his promises (closing gitmo, the wars, patriot act, extra-ordinary rendition etc etc etc). But it is really not necessary to compare him to a dirty mutt that eats out of dumpsters. Have some respect."

"I am not among your fans;

Perhaps one of your resolutions this year will be to stop posting your observations because for the most part they are basically annoying and you obviously need a lot of attention..."

These comments had nothing to do with the article, just personal para-social attacks from people who feel they know me

It's a different world nowadays for the better or worse we go on...

All I can say is "WTF." ;D)

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