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Sunday, December 12, 2010

"The way of Tea..."

Editors note, I published in a book in 2004 called Planet Japan, the next couple blogs will be excerpts from that book. The book never really sold  many copies and the supporting website was not economically feasible to keep running. None the less I feel some of the entries are worth posting to my blog for two reasons. 1- I like them and 2- The blog is free and does not cost  any money, enjoy.

The way of tea is one of Japan's traditions. It is connected with various styles of art, including calligraphy, flower arrangements, woodwork, cooking and gardening...

A highly developed spiritual culture has emerged through the
encouragement of a bowl of green tea. It is based on the act of preparing and drinking powdered green tea.

The philosophy of the way of tea combines four principles:

1-Harmony... You can create it between person and person, thing and thing, person and thing for everything

2-Respect... Respect each other, not to judge one's title.

3-Purity... Spiritual purity

4-Tranquility... whatever happens to you, keep tranquil

There is a quotation from the Japanese tea ceremony which symbolizes and reflects Japan's spirit,"A once in a lifetime chance"(Ichi-go- Ichi-e)

To begin, one should experience every tea as if it's your first. The host should treat every guest with generous hospitality and each guest should try to express their gratitude graciously. Even if you have been to many tea ceremonies with the same host, you should keep in mind the meaning of "Ichi-go-ichi-e” and try your utmost to appreciate the tea ceremony as a unique and memorable experience. This way of thinking can also be extended to everyday life.

When you meet somebody for the first time, try and look at it as a special occasion, if you meet that same person again you should try and appreciate the meeting as another unique and meaningful moment. Living in this way, it is believed one will have no regrets and feel that life is enjoyable and fulfilling.

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