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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Please remember this in 2 years... "

(Editor's note, Coach Borrero was recently fired from Kauai High school for using swear words during football practice, this will help you understand the statement i injected about the coach.)

The county of Kauai never had to implement furloughs, "the county budget soared 31 percent to $43.1 million in 2010.

"Kauai county had surplus money, all the other Hawaii county's were broke.

Instead our politicians played poker with our taxpaying dollars, pretended to be broke because we could possibly lose approximately 12 million dollars in hotel taxes the state wanted. The Mayor gambled with our money, and last time I checked all forms of gambling are illegal on Kaua'i.

The furloughs effected everyone with the simple concept of trickle down economics. Everyone on Kauai suffered, many business's shut their doors. If we had evaded the furloughs who knows how many business might had survived and how many people might had avoided bad credit or even bankruptcy?

I think coach Borrero might say "WTF?" I know I did!

Please remember this in 2 years at the next local election and re-elect nobody.

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