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Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Why do we need a county council..?"

Banning the thin plastic bags with handles in favor of paper makes no sense. Stores have told me they will be going back to paper. Paper bags are made from trees, so now we are going back to destroying trees? This all commences on January 11Th 2011.

This law was initiated as a green bill, how about walking and riding a bike in lieu of your big SUVs/

Everyone I knows recycles those bags numerous times, for harvesting, they hang well off of handlebars when biking with groceries.

People need to be educated on the many uses of recycling the plastic bags.

There are many more harmful things to the environment than plastic bags, what about all the fast food containers and wrappers.Has anyone ever bought a salad at Costco? Those containers can be re-used hundreds of times and are disposed of after one salad.

If our council wants a greener environment try riding a bike or taking the bus to your next scheduled meeting where they make in access of $1000 for sitting on their behinds & thinking they make a difference.

The only ones benefiting from this ban are the companies that sell the heavier plastic garbage bags that are even more polluting, since we will need to buy them.

Why do we even need a county council?Why can't the people vote on what's needed instead of 7 people who won a popularity contest?

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