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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Local Politics, Rapozo's chutzpah..!"

(Editors note, on January 11,2011, a plastic bang ban was initiated on the county of Kaua'i, many people are up in arms including yours truly.)

Mahalo Nui Loa councilman Rapozo for your chutzpah to review the plastic bag ban and to introduce an amendment exempting food service establishments.(Reported in TGI 02-02-11)

May I suggest amending it for farmers markets and supermarkets too. I say put it to the vote of the people and bring back plastic altogether, this ban was insane, replacing plastic with paper. Paper is actually more polluting than paper, read the study


If plastic and paper had both been banned in the recent bill co-authored by Tim Bynum and Lani Kawakara that would had been a different story, but replacing plastic with paper is one hundred giant steps backwards, on top of that the paper bags have to have printed on them with polluting inks that they are biodegradable.

Did you know Walmarts alleged cloth bags are made of plastic in China, read the label.

Our council adopts bills, then amends bills , they run in circles accomplishing nothing, in fact if they did nothing, it would be better than what they do now.

I still cannot get over county council members making over $1,000 per meeting and accomplishing nothing, in fact if they accomplish nothing it would be better than what they do now.

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