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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maybe it's time for a prozac nation?

Hawai'i is like a beautiful women's buttocks. It looks beautiful on the outside.....

How can anything  look  so awesome, yet be capable of expelling gas?? ;D)

Hawai'i is the dream vacation , it's the place many hope to retire. It is glorified with photos of beautiful hula girls smiling and handsome young men dancing with fire.

Hawaii really is a welfare and racist nation, echoing the geometric theory of, "reasoning based upon observation is not very sound...

Although I have negative thoughts on Hawaii, I find it hard to live anywhere else at this point in time, therefore I try to be tolerant of these things by creating my own world of blogging, gardening, swimming and riding my bike along with my dog.

Maybe it's time for a Prozac nation?

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