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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Skype it, Mr. Mayor..!"

A recent article in TGI titled " Mayor, Kauaian's visiting Philippines" is alarming with the current state of the economy as it stands.

Our mayor is going on a two week trip to the Philippines, "joining him on the journey are Economic Development Director George Costa and Kaui Tanaka, administrative aide to the mayor and sister city coordinator for the county."

"A group of Kaua‘i residents with ties to the Philippines will also be accompanying the mayor. They include Jimmy Iloreta and Edwin Navarro, who will be representing the Kaua‘i Filipino Community Council and Kaua‘i Filipino Chamber of Commerce, and Orlando Mateo, representative of Laoag Saranay."

My question is how can the mayor and his entourage go to the Philippines for two weeks all expenses paid on taxpayer dollars when many youth programs such as "Head start" are in jeopardy for funding. Taxes for everything are on the rise, and although county furloughs are over for now, state furloughs still exist and is only a matter of time until county workers maybe furloughed again.

During these times when the state is talking about everything from a soda pop tax, to medicare cuts and increased taxes on just about everything, it's an insult to the people.

I am sure the mayor would justify the trip by saying it promotes tourism, tourists aren't coming because we gauge them with airport fee's, car rental fee's and a huge hotel tax.

A skype video conference call seems more appropriate at this time!

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