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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"How to live a long life..."

There are so many of my friends leaving earth at such young ages. Many passing away long before their time.

One friend was an avid vegetarian for over 30 years, exercised, never smoked, ran marathons and died of Leukemia at age 53.

Another friend whom I had no idea was gay died 20 years ago at age 35 before they had all the drugs to treat HIV as they have today.

I know someone who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is only 49 years old, the doctors told her she has 6 months to live. This person power walks, doesn't smoke, Lives off her garden and fruit trees and rarely eats out, always making home made meals for family and friends.

I am friendly with a few old-timers in their 70's that smoke, eat alot of red meat, drink diet soda and live off fast food, they are healthy as can be.

Remember the stress of denying yourself what you want can be enough to cause the stress that can trigger cancer cells to multiply. eventually destroying you.

Live life and enjoy! Life is short even if you live to be 100. 100 is nothing in the history of man and woman. Do anything you want in moderation and I believe you odds are far greater of living a long life. Time will tell, I'm off to get a whopper junior...

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