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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"There has been talk of a soda pop tax which in reality already exists..."

Recycling centers in the state of Hawaii are poorly located and are open limited hours intentionally.

There has been talk of a soda pop tax which in reality already exists, because most cans and bottles are never returned, thus the state does not return the money but keeps it as revenue.

The Government is trying to fool us again, do you really think they care about recycling?  If the state cared, or even if our local county really cared there would be an user friendly way to return your bottles and cans.

The store you bought your bottles and cans needs to start accepoting returns. It then  becomes a win win for everyone, more bottles and cans out of the landfill and people vsiting their local stores more often. This is already done in many states.

The only problem is that the state would be retuning more deposits, which really isn't a problem unless your an overpaid politician with  a large monthly car allowance and health insurance most would sacrifice  their mother-in-law for.

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