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Friday, April 22, 2011

"Every Friday is good Friday..!"

The Friday preceding Easter is called "Good Friday." Jesus was said to die on a Friday, however why do Christians celebrate this day as good?

Many believe the the Bible instructs us to remember Christ’s death by observing the last supper. The last supper for the most part is the Jewish celebration of Passover. In the last few decades many Christian churches have conducted their own passover Seders and many Jews have come to believe in Jesus and call themselves Messianic Jews.

Many Jews believe every Friday to be good Friday, commencing at sundown on Friday begins the sabbath, the day of rest lasting until sundown on Saturday. Jewish children are taught that every Friday is a day of rest and a feast like that of Thanksgiving is common for the shabbat meal.

Remember every Friday is good Friday,as it brings in the Sabbath, the ultimate day of rest for Jew and Gentile alike.

Have a Good Friday every Friday...

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