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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Local Burger king is number one in the number two business..."

The local Burger King should be awarded an outstanding ambassador award from the county for serving and helping tourists and the homeless by letting them use the restrooms whether they order or not, and most people visiting seem to not order.

The city itself does not have adequate public restrooms per the amount of visitors or homeless on any given day. Unlike Japan where there are public restrooms every 2-3 blocks, some say it's because the Japanese have small bladders, I say it's because the Japanese are considerate and respectful.

The Burger King in Kapa'a Hawaii is not only number one in being the best Burger King in the country but having the best burgers on the island, even better than the half dozen restaurants that claim to have "the best burger in the world." This Burger King actually uses local farm fresh organic tomatoes on their Burgers.

Whether you have the urge for a burger or an urge to pinch the loaf, Kapa'a Burger-King is not only numero uno in Burgers but number one in the number two business whether it's a direct deposit or an order to go.

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