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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Cats, cats and more cats..."

I was watching American idol and heard what sounded like many cats conversing outside my door. I went outside flashlight in hand to survey the situation and see what the cats were up to. Looking under bushes, up trees and even on my rooftop, no cats, but the constant meowing of what sounded like felines in heat.

My neighbor comes by to tell she called the humane society to come and rescue the cats. We both search for these kittens or cats and find nothing but the sounds of cats surrounding and encompassing us.

It felt like we were in the 'Twilight zone,' no feline creatures in sight, just agonizing repeated obnoxious  cries of meowing everywhere.

Upon further look, I find 4 different birds wedged in  the rafters supporting my roof. These birds looked like mice with wings. Could these tiny birds be making that noise?

I went online and googled; "Birds that sound like cats,"  sure enough there are birds that sound exactly like cats and sometimes are mistaken for crying babies. These birds are called "Cat birds." (quite an original name) ;D)

"Cat Birds" are not common on the island I live on, but did some research to find out they are to be found on 'Oahu' just 60 miles south of where I live.

Next time you hear a cat in heat or a crying baby, look up in the sky, 'It's a bird, it's a plane, it's not superman but rather flying mice that sound like cats."

I finally got back to American Idol with Randy Jackson screaming, "Scotty's in it to win it!" At that point I came to the realization that the cat birds were  more entertaining than American idol.

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