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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Hope you make it..!"

None of us are getting any younger. Everyday we are all on day closer to what lies ahead.

Some believe in Heaven and Hell, others believe in re-incarnation and there are are those that believe in nothingness.

Orthodox Jews believe your soul lives on and will keep living in another human until such time as your G-dly mission is accomplished on earth.

Everyone believes something different about the afterlife, however anyone can experience heaven on earth especially those over 55.

Whatever your belief, since life is short, it's important when you get on in years to always go places and do things that offer a senior discount.

Here's how one can experience heaven on earth. Half price bus rides are available to seniors, discounted movie and concert tickets, plus many restaurants offer a senior menu, along with early bird specials.

The wait for heaven is over if you make it to 55! Hope you make it!

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