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Friday, May 13, 2011

"The number one Aloha award!.."

If there is an award of 'Aloha' from the county of Kaua'i or the Kaua'i tourism authority it should without a doubt go to Burger King ,Kapa'a.

Most days I pay a visit for a cup of tea and glass of water. I sit in the same seat every visit writing letters to the editor, blogging and reading TGI.

Many visitors enter the door and proceed directly to the restrooms without ordering a thing, when they are finished with their business they leave without a purchase. One day I counted fifteen people in a thirty minute time-frame.

The staff see's all this, smiles and says nothing. Everything costs money, usually restaurants allow usage of the restrooms for patrons however Burger King acts as an ambassador of Aloha for those needing to relieve themselves.

Kapa'a Burger King is not only number one in Burgers but number one in the number one and number two business.

I am sure there are other establishments that do the same, going on and beyond the call of duty, however Burger King Kapa'a should be acknowledged for their unselfish aloha to visitors, the homeless and anyone who needs a restroom. You may even wish to try the food when you are done with your business, I am told they use local grown tomatoes on all their burgers and the french fries have zero trans fats!

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