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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"What really happened..?"

Why was the historic capture and assassination of Bin Laden not photographed? The police videotape everything these days, even when I was issued a trespass warning last June, the police had two video camera's rolling of my every word.

Everyone has cell phones, why didn't the navy seals take pictures of Bin laden's bullet ridden dead body with their cell phones as proof?

What really happened? Is this for political ratings, will this trigger more terrorism, are we even being told the truth?

On a lighter note, Sara Palin couldn't get over that Navy 'seals' completed such a mission, she said when she saw the 'seals' at sea world she wasn't aware they could assassinate terrorists. :D)


Linda at Etched In Time said...

There are pictures and video, they are just debating what and when to release.

JamesKimoRosen said...

great, looking forwarding to seeing the photos!