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Thursday, June 9, 2011

"J.D.S..." (Jackass Disorder syndrome)

Everybody is something, nobody takes responsibility for their actions these days. Your either bi-polar, A.D.D. PTSD, manic, depressed or have one or more of the hundreds of phobias diagnosed by modern psychologists.

You may even have an addiction to sex, an excuse for being a sexual pervert, or you may have an addiction to fast food and that's your excuse for being fat.

All of America is either mentally ill or addicted to something.

Recently in Honolulu Hawaii, A preacher's son went on a shooting rage on a local highway, he got out of his car and for no apparent reason shot 8 people , one died, 2 others are still in the hospital and five people were shot but not injured.

Many are calling this man a victim and that he is mentally ill and needs help. What about the real innocent victims and the families of those who were shot?

I believe you can make an excuse of a mental disorder for all your wrong doings, sometimes people can just be jerks and plain evil, it's time we stopped rationalizing the demons of evil people and bring back chain gangs and the death penalty.

The United States needs to get tougher on crime, since before long every criminal will be diagnosed with some sort of disorder, how about the disorder of being a Jackass, how about calling it J.D.S. (Jackass Disorder Syndrome) throw away the Prozac and treat it with the electric chair.

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