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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Welcome to the wonderful world of flip flopping hypocrites..."

(Editors note, for those not living on Kauai, just substitute your own local politicians names in  lieu of the names I have used and you will understand the basic story line.  Aloha)

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by doctors swearing to practice medicine ethically, the 'hypocrite oath' is when a politician pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs or feelings yet behaves otherwise. (obviously that's my own definition)

Kipukai Kualii the newest Kaua'i county council-member who recently replaced Derek Kawakami is a fast learner in the wonderful world of hypocritical oaths and shrewd politics. Reading Saturdays 'LTE' section there was a letter titled," Councilman rebuts mayors explanations," I was surprised to see Kipukai as the author, I thought it was going to say councilman Mel Rapozo.
I quote Kipukai, "Yet, it indeed is very personal for me when it comes to being committed to and entirely passionate about serving the people and doing what’s right."

Why then did Kipukai vote "Aye" to approve the Mayor's budget and leave councilman Rapozo all alone with his soul vote of Nay?

I watched the meeting via live stream on the Internet by observation Kipukai was definitely challenging the mayor's budget, yet voted along with the majority. Mr. Kualii was afraid to vote with his heart, instead sold out to Jay, Dickie,Tim,Nadine and Joanne aka the good ole boys and girls...

Mel Rapozo has gone through hell and back in the political arena on this island, however I believe Mel has matured tremendously over the years and has unanimously become the people's choice councilman. Councilman Rapozo voted the way Kipukai is making you believe he voted. Mr. Rapozo voted the way I believe the majority of people on this island would had voted.

Councilman Kualii welcome to the wonderful world of flip flopping hypocrites and know that you fit right in with 'da best of dem'(sic)

Do I hear a second for Mel Rapozo as Mayor of the cosmic Garden island in 2014!?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

second, I too believe Mel Rapozo to be the only Kauai councilperson with a set of balls.

Mr. Rosen is correct, Mr. Rapozo has learned and matured beyond his years through all of his hard knocks.