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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Magic Afoot flies above..." 'Susana Summers' (Cosmic Tuesdays)

You may ask, WHO? Guest blogger Susana Summers is back for another cosmic journey in her life, we are now calling Tuesday's, "Cosmic Tuesday's." Ms. Summers currently lives on the stupendous island of Maui. She resides A 'Shackteau'(sic) within a mango forest, bathes in waterfalls and although no 'Oprah' is constantly entertained by the drama of the forests inhabitant's, seen and unseen..
This is the actual photo of the owl in the blog. Photo by Susana Summers

I went for a walk this evening under the full moon. i do most every evening for you see my cat thinks shes a dog and requests walks morning and evening. especially when the moon is full. the cloud patterns were breathtaking and mesmerizing, a mixture of the stationary ripply kind of clouds that i learned their name as a child yet forget now, and the usual big puffy trade wind clouds, with the full moon in the picture. wow!

The winds were very strong this evening, not appealing for a little cat with past life memories of being Mary Poppins, so looking out for her best interests, i offered a different route through the wind protected mango forest beside. she asked to be carried and together we entered the majestic mango forest. on our way we heard a rustle in the bushes, loud enough to be a large feral cat or even a small dog.

She squirmed to jump out of my arms but i held tight, her protectress (sic) i am. i shone the light of the flashlight toward where the noise came from. i still couldn't make out what it was and it continued its rustling in the bushes, when all of a sudden it spread its wings, and the white owl took flight off through the trees and into the night.

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