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Monday, August 22, 2011

" Dilemma of Nitpicking..." 'James Kimo" Rosen

This blog is about two frequent Kauai  Garden Island News Letter to the editor writers. One is a retired professional Baseball player, Glenn Mickens and the other Alfred Lauretta is a retired judge. Even if your not familiar with these two letter writers I believe you will still find this blog humorous, at least i hope you do...
The above photo is a re-enactment of the two Kauai Garden Island Newspaper letter writers, it is not the actual letter writers...

Glenn Mickens and Judge Lauretta have been exchanging letters in the Kaua'i Garden Island newspaper  on what  characterizes a nitpicker.  Mr. Mickens seems proud to be a nitpicker, in his recent LTE. "Badge of honor," he says, "Many years ago former TGI editorialist Sue Dixon gave this label to a group of us who were and have been trying to better Kaua‘i. Though the name was given in a very uncomplimentary way, we “nitpickers” continue to wear this title with honor."   (Glenn's letter can be viewed below)

Alfred Laureta in his recent LTE,"Clarifying Nitpickers,"states; "According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 'nit-picking' is defined as minute and usually unjustified criticism--nit-picker.” The Judge concludes his opinion article with, "How about concentrating your efforts in the next election and elect those candidates who agree with your “nit-picking “ view and opinions."    (Alfred's letter can be viewed below)

To settle the dilemma of 'nitpicking' I decided to conduct my own google research and would like to share with Mr. Mickens and Judge Laureta what nitpicking truly is.  According to Wikipedia  Nitpicking is the act of removing nits (the eggs of lice, generally head lice) from the host's hair.

In conclusion I hope Mr. Mickens and Judge Laureta can decide who the host is on any given day and find relief in removing nits from each other and anyone else whom may become infected including myself.

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