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Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Aloha Friday Redux.." 'Michael Herr' (Aloha Friday)

 Renowned author Michael Herr is back guest blogging on this awesome Aloha Friday about the history of Aloha Friday, read this and you will know the rest of the story!
Michael is happily retired and pursuing his dreams of writing and publishing books, he currently lives in Walnut Creek California.  (Michael is pictured above with his latest book,"The old Queen and the Maui Maiden." To purchase this book or any of Michael's 6 other novella's go to; http://www.michaelherr.com

March 16, 2012

It's Aloha Friday.

Aloha Friday Redux

Aloha folks. No, this is not an article about ducks. It's an article I should have written a long time ago. I should have started my series of Aloha Friday articles with this one. So bear with me as we go back and start over.
Aloha Friday, Hawaii's own term for TGIF, itself goes back officially only to 1966 when the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii voted in favor of it. Shortly afterwards the spirit spread to the Mainland, but there it caught on under the guise of "Casual Friday".
But Aloha Friday's origins actually trace back to the earliest design of the Aloha shirt in the early 1930's by Ellery Chun who ran a dry good store and began sewing shirts out of old kimono material. The Honolulu Advertiser first coined the term; but Chun quickly trademarked the name. What began as an effort to promote the wearing and sales of Aloha shirts now has become a symbol of Hawaii.
Vintage Hawaiian Aloha shirts now sell for high prices on sites such as eBay. Modern ones with names such as Tori Richards and Tommy Bahama command a great deal of money. Others, manufactured in the Far East, go for much less.
Nowadays, since casual attire is generally worn as business attire throughout the week, Aloha Friday primarily refers to the last day of the work week. Aloha Friday has become the TGIF of the islands with the 1982 song by Kimo Kahoano and Paul Natto, "It's Aloha Friday, No Work 'til Monday", becoming the theme song of that day.
So, take off that tie. Hang the suit back up. Reach into your closet and pull out a truly magnificent Aloha shirt. Slip it on and feel your soul drift away to the islands.

Okay folks, see you next week.

For more of Michael's writings go to http://www.michaelherr.com
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KimoRosen said...

As the legend Paul Harvey would had said at the end of one of his broadcasts, "Now you know the rest of the story!"

Anonymous said...

Rema Murphy said via facebook;"Thanks for the background info, Michael."

Michael A. Herr said...

Hanging in my closet, because it no longer fits me, is a silk pony shirt, red silk with horses on it, that my father-in-law wore and gave (?) to me. I do treasure it.