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Monday, May 14, 2012

"How Lucky am I?" 'Shirili Green' (From her blog the Joy of Cancer)

Shrili Green lives in Anchorage Alaska and publishes a blog titled, "The Joy of cancer."Shirili is back guest-blogging, she guest blogged back in November and we are honored to have her back!
Photo above of Shirili and Mia, courtesy of Shirili Green
In 2007, Shirili Green was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was just 33 years old. After years of treatment, including a double mastectomy, she discovered the cancer had returned in 2011. It  spread to her liver and bones. The cancer, stage IV, is terminal. Shiri writes about the experience of living with the knowledge that she's dying...  May G-d Bless Shrili and her family... Shiri also narrates the enclosed video documentary of her situation; http://community.adn.com/node/158745
How lucky am I?!!

I got to spend the weekend with my darling Mia and her girl scouts troop- troop 350. We packed our sleeping bags, toiletries, some changing clothes and some cheese cakes that Derrick made, and we headed to Girdwood Alaska for the weekend. Together with 9 members of troop 350 and its two counselors, we spent the weekend in the Ashlock cabin. The ride was cheerful as the chorus of girls chatted and sang. The weather was miserable, unlike the atmosphere in Liz's suburban, but the gray clouds did not reflect our moods, and the showers did not wipe our smiles. As we were driving, I was reflecting on how very fortunate I've been to have this opportunity to spend this time with my child. The idea of spending the weekend with a happy bunch of 8 year olds did not immediately appeal to me, but when I stopped to think about it, I reminded myself that soon, I may not be able to spend such time with my child.

I had to remind myself of the joys of experiencing different things with Mia. I decided to ask Mia if she'd like me to join (I didn't want to assume that she wants her mother around all the time). To my great relief and joy, my darling child stated enthusiastically that she wants "mommy to come," and so I decided to go. I am so very fortunate to have gone. I'm honored to have been welcomed.

I had a delighting time observing the girls having fun. I feel blessed to have been there in the middle of the night when Mia got scared, and though I would prefer it if she felt more comfortable, I'm honored to have been there to comfort her little heart. I'm flattered that my growing child still wants my company, and that my soft caresses on her back still calm her down at night. I'm glad that she feels I'm her shelter, and I pray she'll continue to feel like this after I pass.

I pray that our time together and our experiences will help her cope when I'm physically gone and that she will be able to feel my infinite spiritual presence in her heart...

Check out Shirili's guest-blog of November 23, 2011, "What I Have."


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KimoRosen said...

I am so inspired by Shirili Green. Her love of her daughter radiates along with her positive attitude in a situation where most of us would probably give up. Shirili Green is my hero!

KimoRosen said...

Alan Green said via facebook;"shes a champ thats for sure!"

KimoRosen said...

Alan, Howszit?