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Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Taking Things for Granted..." 'Michael Herr' (Aloha Friday)

Renowned author Michael Herr is back guest-blogging on this awesome Aloha Friday talking about  how to cook da bacon...Make sure and check out Michael's website at; http://www.michaelherr.com/

May 25, 2012
It's Aloha Friday.

Taking Things for Granted
Aloha folks,

You never miss something until it's gone. I lost a dear companion today. A companion that had been with me for fourteen years. Fourteen years of service. Fourteen years of always being there for me. When I was hungry. When I was thirsty. When I was in a hurry.

Yes, my microwave died yesterday. My wife and I bought it when we moved into our current abode. And in checking it yesterday, when it suddenly refused to cook bacon, I found it was manufactured, created, one month before we moved in.
I was shocked, bereft, confused . . . but mostly in denial. I tried over and over to get it to cook the bacon. Nothing happened. Oh, the light turned on, and the turntable turned, but the bacon remained uncooked.

Suddenly I was faced with a problem that seemed almost insurmountable. How do I cook this bacon? And, more importantly, how do I reheat my coffee. For during my efforts to force one last cook session out of my microwave, my coffee had gone cold.
This may seem like a small matter, and it is. But it does serve as a reminder to us all. If we take things for granted, then someday we may have a nasty surprise. That which we have counted on, may no longer be there for us. Yep, this is an allegory.

In the meantime, I have an exorcist coming on Monday. An appliance service technician who will try to bring my old microwave back to life. Because I'm comfortable with this old microwave; even if I may have taken it for granted one time too many.

Okay folks, see you next week.

check out Michael's website at http://www.michaelherr.com/ 

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Anonymous said...

Tony Herr said via facebook;"It's probably not worth fixing. And at this point, it's probably a radiation hazard. I can pick up a new one for you at Costco if you need."

KimoRosen said...

I second the motion from Tony!

KimoRosen said...

Michael, my guess is that it will be cheaper to replace your microwave, and a 14 year old microwave is a dinosaur, you owe it to yourself to buy a new one with all the new bells and whistles. Imagine a computer from 14 years ago? Great blog, Aloha, Kimo

Anonymous said...

Michael Herr said via facebook;"Well, you're both welcome . . . and both wrong. I had a tech in and he fixed my microwave for $80. Probably just a loose connection that was fixed when he re-attached it. Working just fine. Thank you anyway..."

KimoRosen said...

Michael, you could had bought a brand new Kenmore 17 cu ft. Microwave at Sears fro $69.00 check it out.

KimoRosen said...