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Sunday, July 1, 2012

" Human Nature..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Monday)

"Guest-blogger Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst N.Y. and has worked in the ophthalmology field of medicine for over 30 years..." She talks about the thing we all talk about when there's nothing else to talk about the weather, although Judy really does have something to talk about!  ;D) Enjoy...

Human nature
Ever notice that people talk about the weather almost as a greeting every time you meet someone?? Is is because it’s a neutral topic and will not offend anyone with your opinion?? Its an ice breaker in most cases; a time filler; a friendly greeting…

In Buffalo, our weather changes so much, it’s a topic of discussion for all ages. The weatherman never gets it right…it rains when it is supposed to be sunny…windy when it’s supposed to be calm…I think the weather people on the news are highly over paid…at least in this area. They can cause great panic when predicting a storm coming that never gets here…it is good for our economy though because the grocery stores sell out of food in these panic modes.

This summer they have promised rain when we have not had a drop in weeks…I have given up watering the lawn since I am just boosting the water bill for no reason. We would have to water 24/7 to keep up with this dry spell.

It is nice to see the sun day after day here this month after a long cold winter. We in Buffalo do not take the great weather for granted as other warm climates…we soak up every nice day as a gift. So…here’s to another sunny hot day on the East coast.


Hana Hou, (Encore)  Obama's body language says it all after the Obama-care supreme court  ruling last Friday...  http://selfdeprecate.com/political-video/jimmy-kimmel-jay-leno-dancing-obama/

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is...Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher


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KimoRosen said...

The weather in Hawai'i is always partially Sunny, or partially cloudy. The weatherman in Hawai'i have it pretty easy here in the Aloha state. btw, I hear your having a record heat wave on the east coast. Enjoy because soon the snow will fall and my weather will still be partially Sunny... ;D)