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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Assimilate and feel right at home...‏" 'Obama Da Dog'

It's easy to fit in, look a t me!  ;D)
Aloha, Check out my opinion article in the (01-14-12) edition of the Kaua'i Garden island news," Advice for Tourists)

To anyone planning a sojourn to  the cosmic island of Kauai remember do not  rent those shiny red convertibles or brand new spic and span  jeeps to traverse and discover the island.

Hawaii is unique and for any visitor wishing to assimilate and fit right in like  a local you must first purchase a monster pickup truck with wheels taller than you, a tinted windshield allowing nobody to see in and when driving at high speeds make sure and tailgate with your bright headlights on.

Remember to ditch that matching Aloha wear you and your sweetheart purchased for a nice t-shirt, shorts and pair of slippa's (flip flops)
Always ask for chopsticks in lieu of a fork and spoon. Last but not  least remember to pronounce the "TH" sound like a "D,"

It's always amusing watching visitors try and fit in, I guess it's just as amusing to a native Hawaiian watching me thinking I am fitting right in.

With this said., or should I say with '"dis" said, enjoy your trip and tell "dem" Kimo sent you!

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