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Monday, January 28, 2013

"Imagine..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Sometimes it's fun to be silly, writers block had set in and all I could think of was funny
local humor, I apologize to those not familiar with   the local Kaua'i editorial page of the 'Garden Island News,' however for those who follow I hope you find this entertaining...

Imagine, if Kauai's prolific letter writers  told their deepest darkest secrets?

Glenn Mickens  power walks every morning during the sunrise on the east-side multi use trail, after his walk he slips off to the beach and does his special baseball yoga exercises.

Michael Mann on the other hand has been spotted texting behind the wheel of his monster pick-up truck with tinted windows. The tint faded and that is how he was spotted not only texting but talking to  Police Chief Darryl Perry on his cell phone.

During all this I stayed quiet, humbled and said nothing, but thought to myself it would be nice if the Kaua'i county council got a raise,since they are  so grossly underpaid for what is deemed a part time job. 

Of course I am just being facetious... Call it  Letter writers block or better yet call it comedy relief from our stressful lives.

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