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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"News Alert..!" 'Obama Da Dog'

Aloha, check out my opinion article in  the 01-23-13 edition of the Kaua'i Garden Island news, "The Media is brain dead." Also two  letters to the editor  in rebuttal to my recent article  on the multi-use trail


News alert all over the media, “Flu kills 27 people...”  Other news: College football star Manti Te’o confesses about fake girlfriend... The news today is not news, it’s just tabloid journalism at an all-time low.

The media is making it seem bigger than it is. Every year people die of the flu, specifically the elderly, it’s nature’s way. The media has become brain dead with reporting on things like Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend and the flu virus killing people. It kills every year. 27 people dead is a low percentage when compared to the U.S. population, and remember most of those are the elderly.

A cartoon I recently encountered  said it all, Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah that he was actually Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend.

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