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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"The World Is A Burial Ground..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

There are many unmarked graves in Hawaii.
.The question remains,should projects be stopped because of it?

Nothing seems to ever get  done in Hawaii since every time  a project or construction job is approved and gone through all the legal hurdles and votes,  there's always the activist who finds a buried bone over some construction or project site.

The reality is that  it would seem every road we drive probably has some human remains  buried under neath it. Why are so many worried about the multi-use  trail in Wailua when nobody seems worried about the thousands of cars driving the same area daily?

Nobody seems worried about the many buried at sea and millions of human ashes scattered in our oceans. Let's face it, the longer this world exists the more bodies will be buried and cremated. Should we also cease all ocean activity because so many of our ancestor's remains  are scattered in Oceans around the world?

Burial grounds are for the living not the dead.  Most religions and philosophies believe you go on to a better place and  your afterlife is nowhere near where  you are buried or your ashes scattered.

I do understand the opposition, but just feel the world is a burial ground and if this argument wins it  will be near impossible to build anything new in the future.

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