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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Hawaii Five-0 offends Hawaii people.... " 'Chester "Unc" Lau'

Dakinetalk's favorite Uncle (Chester Lau)
is back talking about the recent  interview with Scott Caan, Hawai'i Five-0-co-star who slams Hawaii.
Hawaiian people are upset. Featured with Unc's blog are a few letters to the editor from the Honolulu Star-advertiser.
"Unc" is a retired cinematographer currently living on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. "Unc" was actually a cameraman on the original  Hawai'i Five-0 with Jack Lord.

Diss 'em, Danno. In an interview on late night talk show Chelsea Lately, Hawaii Five-0 star Scott Caan bashed the islands where the show is filmed. Click the link below to see what he said.

Full story and video here --> http://bit.ly/UqxKog

The fault with the new Hawaii  5-0 is that  TV lies with the scripts that are so juvenile, the producers who purchased them do so  just to get ratings & TV commercials, even the  story lines are unreal. 

Lady Obama the Dog or  Bettejo can produce better & fun scripts than phony scripts about crimes in Hawaii. Love,kosher fish & poi  are better than bang bang bang your are dead !!!

 What value is there  for the general public?  More guns & violence?  We need to emphasize the year round beauty  and   the Aloha spirit of Hawaii with her international ethnicity.

 Hawai'ia's people  get along better than the UN, life may be slow but can be fun & funny. Life is short,why the rush to your grave ? 

Below is an outcry from Hawai'i People as featured in some recent Letters to the Editor in the  Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The site has a pay-wall so the Letter's are copy and pasted as quotes. Please tell us what you think! I think it so strange everyone getting so  worked up over a factious character.

James "Kimo" Rosen

Caan's apology raises questions

"While it was troubling to hear the remarks made by Scott Caan about his impressions of life in Hawaii, it was equally disappointing to hear his apology. Apparently, his producers must have insisted he make these apologies to quiet the outcry.

We Hawaii taxpayers give the film industry ­ including the production of "Hawaii Five-0" ­ huge tax breaks for work here in the islands. While there are some tax revenues generated by filming here, I would like to know if income received by most of the principals in the show, including the producers, directors and actors, is sent to out-of-state banks? Do the big dollars stay here, or end up elsewhere?

I encourage our lawmakers to revisit the film industry tax credits and get answers to these questions."

Frances Cypher

‘Five-0' actor bites hand that feeds him

"I was amazed that "Hawaii Five-0" actor Scott Caan has the audacity to bite the hand that feeds him so well ( "Hawaii far from paradise, Caan complains to TV host," Star-Advertiser, Jan. 26).

In his interview with Chelsea Handler, host of E!'s "Chelsea Lately," Caan said he didn't like living in the islands, the food sucks, there is too much crystal meth, and everything is in slow motion and too relaxed for him.

He also said his girlfriend deserves a Purple Heart for sticking by him because she doesn't like Hawaii either.

He obviously lacks the sophistication to appreciate this paradise world renowned for its culture, food, lifestyle and aloha spirit ­ all attributes he blatantly disparaged.

The solution is simple. Go home and take your girlfriend with you."

Karla Graham
Hawaii Kai

Time to kill off ‘Danny Williams'?

"Watching "Hawaii Five-0", I thought Scott Caan was just acting as an unhappy transplant from the mainland. Turns out he was not acting, based on a recent television interview. Now he has apologized but, really, apologies have little value.

The producers and writers of "5-0" can easily make Caan happy. In this season's finale, "Danny Williams" can be tragically killed in the line of duty. Problem solved.

And Mr. Caan, don't let the door hit you in the okole on your way out of Hawaii. Aloha."

Anne Sabalaske

Call airline and ‘Book ‘em, Danno'

"Scott Caan should learn to be pleasant and appreciate his good fortune. I can only imagine the torture he is dealing with, missing out on all of his starring roles in major feature film work in California. Oh wait, that was his dad.

He must miss the brown cold mushy shore break of Malibu, where he can proclaim himself as a surfer that he wants to be. Bring on a new character played by someone who enjoys his job.

Also, I realize Hawaii has a crystal methamphetamine problem. None of my friends and associates uses meth. Of course, nobody in California uses it either, being too busy with drive-by shootings and car chases.

It seems Caan has a whine problem. Call the airline. Book ‘em, Danno."

John Waring

Replace ‘Danno’ or lose a viewer

"I guess Scott Caan likes the paycheck he gets for shooting “Hawaii Five-0” in Hawaii. However if he dislikes it here so much, maybe he should find himself another gig.
I know that having “Hawaii Five-0” filmed here is great for the economy in multiple ways. However, I can no longer support it. If they replace Danno, then maybe I will come back."

Kathy Bentley

Caan apologized, so let’s let him be

"What’s with the vitriolic witchhunt against the actor Scott Caan?
He has every right to state his opinion. In this great country, he can say what he wants, and we should all defend his right to say it, even if it sounds offensive.
Lucky we live in a country that lets you speak whatever is on your mind. And, after all, he did apologize. What more does he need to do?
Show some aloha and forgiveness, for heaven’s sake! No one should ever be threatened, or intimidated to pack up and leave (in his Danno character, or for real) just because he, or she, says something off the cuff on a late-night talk show, or wherever.
A poll run in this paper; a ridiculous petition against him? Stop! Get a grip, Hawaii!"

Susie Eubank,
Diamond Head


Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Mahalo Rabbi @>----

I hope this generate comments that we may welcome better TV shows with fun,comedy & educational value for Hawaii,I accidentally saw the ending part of last weeks 5-0 & it's nothing but close ups of gun fights. & killing.. Make Love,Not wars !!! many countries ban shows with so much violence,only the title Hawaii that would attracts people to check 5-0 out .

Do you think President Obama look at the new 5-0 regularly while he is working to ban assault weapons ?

Do you save all your blogs on Facebook ? they are classics :-D

Unc No Like new 5-0 :-( ban assault weapons along with new 5-0,how about the people in Newtown Ct,will they turn on new 5-0 regularly to remind them of the Carnage ?

KimoRosen said...

I can't believe that people take a fictitious character to be so real to life, it's acting folks.