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Friday, February 1, 2013

"If only they told the truth on Wheel of Fortune..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Yes Pat, can I buy a vowel? This blog originally ran as Dakinetalk Blog  #532
on January 4,2012, under the title,"Yea pat, Can I buy a vowel.?" 

The blog has been updated and refined to fit current hot topics in the media.

The Wheel of Misfortune...

One of my favorite TV shows is "Wheel of Fortune," I guess every person over 55 including myself loves 'Wheel of Fortune!?'

After the first round puzzle Pat Sajak introduces the players and they all say something about themselves. Usually something like I've been married for 10 years to my beautiful and awesome wife, who is also my best friend.  They always say positive things.  Now imagine if players really told the truth about their families and jobs. The introduction might sound something like this, "Yea Pat, I've been married to that drug addict  wife of mine for 12 years, she has  gained 60 lbs  and looks like hell. She recently caught me cheating with anther woman and that's the reason I am on wheel of fortune. Divorces are expensive and I pray I win some good money and maybe a trip to get away with my new 21 year old girlfriend." "I have 3 teenage children that are in constant trouble with the law and I have not held a job in over 3 years, so to pay the rent I have been dealing ice."

 Personally I think it would make the show more interesting if the players told truthful bio's instead of all this positive malarky that most likely just ain't true. 

In the meantime I would like to solve the prize puzzle, Is it, "The Kaua'i Multi use trail rocks?" "Yes it is" replies host Pat Sajak, and you have just won a trip to Detroit's best drug rehab center where you will travel on a  beautiful  air conditioned Greyhound bus escorted by football star Manti Te'o!

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