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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"HUNT AND GATHER..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

Bettejo Dux  one of Kauai's true gems, Today she 
guest-blogs about  her wonderful life..!  Enjoy!

I try, and sometimes succeed, to jump in the car, drive out the gate, and shop once a week.

Off to Koloa three times. Off to metropolitan Lihue once a month.

Actually my ideal would be never to leave my sweet-smelling bit of paradise here in old Hawaii. Ever. Honest. Yet, once I’m in my little gray Yaris, I enjoy it. She’s a  perfect car for me. Just my size. I call her the Mozart car ’cause that’s the only music I allow. He sets the stage. Fills my heart with joy.  Tickles my senses. Plus, I think, he loves the ride.

I make sure all my beloved animals-Boots, the grown up puppy, Ari, the famous Kauai four-legged political campaigner, Duke , the noisy Macaw and the cats-are safe, happy, well fed, understanding of my departure and ready to protect home and hearth from any bad guy who might attempt  entrance during my absence.  Vandals and trouble makers would be welcomed by deep barking Boots with a taste for ankles, a troublesome uniped, Ari, ears flat back, with a swift kick and a bite, and a screeching Macaw who detests unwelcome visitors. My zoo knows I am the work horse in the family and will safely return as soon as possible with treats and pats and kisses.

On the drive to Lihue, just past our beautiful Humane Society, I make a right turn and drive into town on the old two land road. It is such a wonderful, peaceful drive. I think of it as Kauai’s African veld and picture giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elephants and a pride of happy lions-I toss them a christian or two, tough old patriarchal loons not little kids and mamas-grazing, lounging and drifting in the extensive rollicking frolicking rolling tree-trimmed green.

Magnificent Kauai cliffs and mountains guarding the Pacific-makai- billowing fields with no habitation- mauka-smile down at Mozart and I and baby Yaris as we do a slow four-wheel saunter into the big city.  From behind. No traffic lights. No road rage. No one but us on our mission. I shop at Costco, pay my bills, and have a scrumptious  lunch  with my adorable  boss and editor at the Grove. We laugh a lot, talk story and exchange gossip and some times gifts.

I try to miss the traffic on the way home. I don’t do the veld. Stay on the highway which can sometimes be bumper to bumper all the way.

On the other three hunt and gather days, keeping to the east side-two lane back country road, fields filled with cattle and goat and sheep and horses-I feed the swans at the Hyatt and shop at Big Save. It’s a slower, shorter day. I love the Courtyard and jolly Jeffry Pears and all the other who join us there on a laughing spree.

All this, I guess, just to say to all who pop in, wish you were here. Wish I could share. Find peace and love and laughter in your day and think of me.

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KimoRosen said...

Do I know this adorable boss and editor at the Grove? ;D)