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Friday, April 26, 2013

"Kauai Bus Testimony For County Council..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

The Kaua'i Bus is a great alternative, with gas at almost $5.00 a gallon
and traffic at all time stress levels, it's time for all of  us  to ride Da Bus!

Aloha  Kaua'i County Council, Let this act as my public  testimony in favor of free bus rides not just for County council members, county employee's and the Mayor, but for the community at large!

 County council members  can ride the bus for free and still  receive from  us (The taxpayer) $500 a month car allowance along with a very generous $58,000 salary, great health Insurance  for what is deemed a part time job.   

Councilwoman Yukimura in her recent TGI article asked for testimony concerning Kauai Bus. 

 Here's my testimony;
 We  should all be granted the perk  of riding  the bus for free, why  are the ones with generous salaries allowed to ride the bus for free while others on limited budgets and those  working 2 and 3 jobs must pay?

 There is a solution for more revenues and allowing every citizen to ride the bus for free.

The bus could  sell advertising, in essence the bus becomes a traveling billboard  with large ads on the outside and smaller ads on the inside. This way everyone could ride for  free, or option #2, Kamaaina  with local ID ride for free while visitors pay.

 Many periodicals do the same thing, they give the magazines and newspapers away free since  they rely on advertising verses subscription revenue. 

 Please allow this blog to act as my public testimony as a way to generate more revenues which in turn will allow for  more bus routes and more buses.  

I am proud yet humbled to say I lobbied for the recently added bus stop at the fruit stand in Moloaa, it took a few years of letter writing but eventually became a reality.

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Jay Furfaro, Chairman Kaua'i County Council said...

Kimo, "I do not know how far we can expand based on the $880,000 WE CAN RAISE FROM THE $.03 FUEL TAX, but I hear what you are requesting, and it is understood." Regards Jay

KimoRosen said...

Aloha Jay,

I feel an advertising based Bus, could bring in more revenue than passenger based fares. Do you mind if I add your comment to my blog?

Jay Furfaro, Chairman Kaua'i County Council said...

Thank you for the revenue ideas and promotions Idea, my comments to citizens are not private. Regards Jay

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Chairman Furfaro

Mel Rapozo, Kaua'i Councilman said...

Thanks Kimo. I appreciate your testimony. I fully support the expansion of the bus system on Kauai. What I won't support is a fuel tax increase that amounts to over $800K without a plan from the Dept. of Transportation. I hope you can appreciate that. Once a plan is developed, that shows me what the money will be used for, and the people have the opportunity to participate, I will support additional funding. There is no plan as we speak, and the department head has already stated that they are not prepared to expand right now. The Admin has proposed to raise every tax and fee to balance the budget. I need a plan that is acceptable to the users of the bus system before I agree to any additional funding. Thanks again.


KimoRosen said...

Aloha Mel,

Mahalos for your response. I still think adding advertising to the buses with being in a huge sum of money. Malama Pono, Kimo

Bill Georgi said...

Aloha Kimo:

One of my favorite places to visit is Park City, Utah. Traffic there would be one long snarl during the Sundance Independent Film Festival...except for the free municipal bus service, along with additional buses for the festival. Park in an outlying area, and take the bus wherever you need to go. Want to go skiing at one of the 3 Park City ski areas? No problem! The city bus has ski racks on the side of the bus... Need to arry a couple of bags of groceries home. Again no problem. And FREE, coupled with a convenient schedule, absolutely maximizes ridership, for minimum traffic congestion.

Their funding mechanism is reportedly a bus tax on businesses, based on type of business and square footage. When I ran for state senate, I wanted to look into the Park City program, to see if it was possible to replicate for Kauai.

Bill Georgi

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Bill, Park City Utah is now on ,my bucket list! Aloha, Kimo

Mel Rapozo, Kaua'i Councilman said...


I think that advertising on the buses is a great idea. One that is used throughout this country. I will pursue this option with the Administration. Mahalo.


KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Mel, It's a win win, it may create a few jobs in sales and bring in more revenues for the county. Let me know if yo need my help when you decide to pursue thus. Malama Pono, Kimo