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Thursday, January 23, 2014

"The good ole days..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Waiting for da bus Hawaiian style at Keali'a bus stop,
sure beats waiting  for a bus anywhere else in the world.

James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living
 in Kapa'a with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby...

The good ole days

There is a frequently asked question in Hawaii, "How long have you lived here?" I use to despise that question since it is usually asked in an arrogant way. I was always under the influence that  a person who actually moves her on their own free will  is actually  here by choice, whereas a person born here that never left is only her because because their parents conceived them here.

Fast forward 15 years later and I am now asking the question myself. I am also cussing the "F " and "H" words behind my breath every-time I am in traffic caused by visitors and an overflow of rental cars causing a traffic jam.(even though I am "F-H" person myself )

I recently made the rounds on the Kaua'i bus to my doctor and  run a few errands. I have not used the bus much the fast few years and to my dismay the buses are  overcrowded. Like the airlines, seats are closer together giving you no personal head space between you and the people sitting in front, behind you and next to you. As my luck would have  it, the person in the seat behind me was a chronic cougher who do not cover her mouth.

My Doctors office was filled with out of town walk-ins causing a 90 minute wait. This used to be a small ma and pa doctors office used by  the community, now with tourism at an all time high I cannot even go to my doctors office without tourists and large crowds.

The public pool is no longer like cheers bar where it used to be a place where everyone knew your name and  they were glad you came. No longer are there the friendly hello's, head nods and small talk. Everyone is waiting for a lane to swim laps, and yes most lanes are now occupied by visitors.

I no longer recognize as any people  at the grocery store and the wait at the checkout lane is out of control.

Restaurants are charging an arm and leg and the quality of  food does not reflect the high prices being charged. The restaurants make money off visitors  with no worries about return business. Most restaurants after 7:00 P.M cater  primarily to   visitors. There is no incentive for our restaurants or food trucks to pass on reasonably priced meals since tourism is peaking and every night there will be new people, here today gone tomorrow. No need  for restaurants to be concerned with repeat business, since  new visitors come everyday replacing the ones from the day before.

Real estate is out of control. many locals living 2 and  generations in a small home. A fixer upper home in Hanamaulu on Kauai can cost upwards of 500,000 with no garage or basement. Hanamaulu is no resort, more a working class neighborhood.

The only thing that hasn't changed I cannot write about or talk about, since soon it will be discovered by the masses and I will be neglected for a more wealthy looking visitor.

I understand why locals are disturbed, I have only been here 15 years and can hardly believe my eyes on the changes and overcrowding.

Times are a changing, it's time for more roads, more hiking trails,  more franchise restaurants like Olive garden, Red Lobster,  Red Robin, In and out Burgers and some good cheap buffets. For now I'd settle for a nice Wendy's with a salad bar.

Things will never be what they were, everything changes for the good and the bad.For  many reading this,  these are the good ole days,  for me and the people of my generation the good ole days are gone. I sure miss them

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Seekarn Love said...

Beautiful Hawaii

Harmony Bentosino said...

I must say this was negative & rather sad to read. However, without being too graphic, I loved your funny quote at the end about birth & rebirth!

KimoRosen said...

I know, just how i felt the day I wrote it..

Wynne Moss Abernathy said...

I too am sad. Sad for your loss of the less crowded days of the past. Certainly, there must be a bright side, like the influx of money to the area and the benefits that brings to your parks, roads and beaches? I would so love to come for a visit, but can not in the near future, so instead share the beauty I would see through your eyes. What would I most desire to see if I came to visit. What would lift my spirit from seeing it's beauty. What joy could I find as a visitor? If I could only have one week tell me how best to view your paradise that you are so blessed to find yourself living. Thanks James ! No pressure, I would love, love, love, to know and see from your perspective. wma ...

KimoRosen said...

That's a good question Wynne. Maybe you are actually living in paradise, after-all everything is relative.?

Wynne Moss Abernathy said...

Yes, I believe I do because I created it. However, you can still share your minds eye with me so my world can be enhanced. Give it a go. Maybe next weeks' to come blog! Enjoy your day!

KimoRosen said...

Ok, bedtime for me now, your right. I will work on a good answer for you! Aloha from paradise... ;D)