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Monday, April 7, 2014

"Dairy on a ferry..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapa'a
 with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby;

This blog also appeared in the 04-07-14 edition of the Kaua'i garden island news;

titled; "Dairy on a ferry? Just say yes"

Dairy on a  ferry  

The newest rant for Kauai "anti's" is no dairy, previously it was no ferry.Just like a landfill nobody seems to want the dairy in their back yard.

A win win situation might be a dairy on a ferry.  This way  the cows are in nobody's backyard. The ferry would always be full thus not allowing the homeless or drug addicts to ride the ferry as was the concern of many anti's. I always thought to  myself, how strange that drug addicts or homeless will not fly? I never quite understood that concept?
(Yes, I am being facetious to try and make my point!)

If some entrepreneur wants to open a dairy farm business  let then do so, this is America. If they can make a buck, employ people and operate in an environmentally friendly manner, so be it.

The subject of Ferry boats is much more complex. Hawai'i is an island state with over one million people, for all the  over one million people there is currently only one major airline offering public transportation off islands. A previous private venture called the 'Superferry' failed before it even had a chance. This was do to political  unrest and protest.

Hawai'i is in need of another form of public transportation to travel off island. Many people are afraid to fly, many physically challenged people would have an easier time boarding a ferry boat in their own  vehicles than going through all the airport security rituals. Ferry service would also lower prices of cargo ships and would allow  families an affordable means to visit friends and family on neighbor islands. For many including myself we could take our bicycles and bicycle all over the great state of Hawai'i.

Just like the county of Kauai subsidizes the Kauai Bus and the city of Honolulu does likewise, a State ferry could also be subsidized to help  offset costs.

The states of Alaska and Washington have incredible state ferry services. The ferries  are  inexpensive for walk on's and a little more if you bring a vehicle. The ferries are there for  travel,  cargo,convenience, disasters and to keep  democracy. A democracy  should not  allow a monopoly  airline to continue at the outrageous fares they charge.

I am proposing and hoping the Hawai'i senate or congress will introduce a bill for island wide ferry transportation subsidized by the state.

How can  an island  state in the year 2014 with a population over one million not allow for a ferry system?  Cruise ships continue to visit our islands,yet they are much more polluting than any ferry boat.

A ferry boat system  is long overdue. A dairy on a ferry might sound crazy, but so does an island state with over one million population without a ferry. 

Remember the Antis are basically against any new development even if there's a need.  Most antis are transplants from the mainland, most are liberal. The antis are usually active in politics and one of the first things they do upon relocating to a new community is register to vote. Locals need to do the same and follow suit.

Many  have given up on the political process, and for good reason. There is a large number of born-and-raised locals who want progress but are afraid to speak.

It’s time to say yes to so many things. Please  register to vote, and speak your mind. The silent majority can no longer remain silent.Yes is not a dirty word.

The dairy mans motto goes like this, "be kind to udders!" With that said, I vote yes to a dairy and a ferry!

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Beth Tokioka, Mayors assistant said...

via email,
"Loved your editorial today! Bravo!!"

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Beth, means a lot coming from you! Please pass it on! Aloha Kimo


Suzi Nielsen Luzadder said...

via Facebook,

"Sounds a bit like Homer's infusion of newcomers that do not want "progress". They do not want stop lights, etc. City finally put one in where accidents were abundant. Fewer accidents! There is a 3-way stop SIGN on one corner, which spaces cars so traffic trying to get out makes it impossible. I want safe stop lights(from someone who was born and raised in Homer)."

KimoRosen said...

Suzi, sounds like the anti's are everywhere? Yikes!

Kit Ellison said...

via email,

"Excellent article!! For those of us who grew up on a dairy farm know it is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year job and no breaks, vacations or holidays. The antis should try it for a month then they might learn to keep their mouths shut.

As for the biggest complaint they had about the ferry was the possibility of a whale being struck by the ferry but with that idea we should keep cruise ships, barges, tugs and all other boats out of the water. After all, a commercial tour boat hit a whale in Oahu not the ferry. You are so correct, they come to Paradise and try to turn it into only their piece of the rock."

Sue Siegal said...

via email,

Very well done.

KimoRosen said...

Todah Robah (Thank you) Sue

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Kit,

We need to encourage our legislators to pass a bill for a State ferry, the Super-ferry is behind us, time to start looking for bigger and better! Aloha, Kimo

Ada Keone said...

via email,
"Kimo, it will never happen. The Ferry is gone and we let a handful of people dictate how we should live and travel. I don't think anyone will ever try to run a ferry to Kauai again. Not in our lifetime. Ada

KimoRosen said...

Ada, I am hoping for a state subsidized ferry system. Not the Superferry. I think it must happen, we'll see. Time will tell. Aloha, Kimo

Kit Ellison said...

via email,

"Give me directions and a blue print of how it should be done and point me in the right direction. I'm all for the ferry and was from the beginning. Have you thought of Tulsie Gabbord? I was told she'd be a great ally."

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Kit, I look into Tulsi! Or if you have the opportunity do likewise. Politics works best with numbers!

Bettejo Dux said...

via email,

"I responded at TGI. Curious to see what you'll make of it. Had fun. I hope they rev up the comments soon."

KimoRosen said...


Tom is off until late this afternoon, he is the comments moderator. off to Lihue...

Ada Keone said...

via email,

Yes, time will tell. Where would the State get the money? Ada

KimoRosen said...

Ada, Don't know where they would get money, however with something of the magnitude of a ferry system I believe the federal government would want Hawai'i to have a state ferry system. We need to contact our congressman and woman and state senators, they know how to get the funds, that's how it needs to start! Aloha, Kimo

Ada Keone said...

via email,

"Ah yes, the Federal Government. Talk to Tulsi the next time she is here. Maybe she can get things started. Of course, our Governor must be sold on it first. I loved the Ferry idea and still get mad when I think that a few people ruined it for the rest of us. Have you flown to Oahu lately? There is hardly any competition. Mokulea yes but they are never on time." Ada

KimoRosen said...

I have not been off island since 2006... I do not like flying, one of the many reasons I so want a ferry. I truly believe the majority wanted the super ferry, it's just that so many locals do not vote or protest. In the meantime the the new comers register to vote and are politically active, go figure. Aloha, Kimo

Ada Keone said...

via email,

"Kimo, No one ever moved to have the Ferry caper put on the ballot. Although liked the mayor a lot, I fault him for not stepping in and getting this put on the ballot"Aloha, Ada

KimoRosen said...

I totally agree, Ada.

Deborah Morel said...

I loved your story Kimo. I had a good laugh about the cows on the Super Ferry. That was so funny.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo D!

Renee Harden said...

responding to garden Island Column,

"With all the chickens, why isn't it called, "Something to Cluck about..."?

Ada Keone said...

via email,"Good. Now we have to get some of these people out of congress and vote in some who really care about us and our country." Ada

KimoRosen said...

Ada, Amen to dat!

Da Shadow said...

Kimo, enjoyed your column, keep me posted,gotyour email... The shadow

Marjorie Dudley Brown said...

Over here,(Australia) a dairy can mean a convenience store, like 7-11. Are they against those too?

KimoRosen said...

Marjorie, The anti's are against anything that makes sense! To answer you question, probably yes? Aloha my friend....

B.J. Thomas said...

Letter in garden Island news in response to my column 04-11-14

"Kaua'i doesn't need ferry or dairy"

"Wow. I guess The Garden Island lets a guy who calls himself “Kimo” to say the people on Kauai are idiots! And we should let anyone destroy the beauty “that the island offers” to everyone. I remember Mr. Kimo and how he so was “pro-activist” and wanted the ferry on the island. He paints a good picture, but leaves out all the bad. And very bad stuff (like drugs, and anything that can find its way here on a ferry).

We have only 70,000 people on this island. The million can stay on Oahu. The people of Kauai island have spoken and that’s why there is no ferry! And locals are speaking about the dairy, and outside billionaires are the ones that want the dairy farm! For what? Possibly 12 jobs?
By the way, Hanford nuclear facilities were a good idea, and now it’s a trillion dollar cleanup. How much is the dairy farm going to cost the people to restore the damage after this billionaire entrepreneur project fails?

Maybe Kimo should stick to photography and stop talking as if locals don’t care! They do. They do care! But the money seems to talk louder..."
BJ Thomas, Koloa

Bettejo Dux said...

BJ Thomas, don't be so hard on Kimo. I don't think his intent is to imply 'the people don't care'. He knows better than that.

We are good friends. He's a bright, funny guy, but we disagree about many things: like the dolled pun troop transport called the super ferry, Franken corn-GMO junk- and the dairy factory-the overcrowded bovine filthy ghetto.

I think Kimo falls into the third category: he really does not want tot know what's going on. Who can blame him? The truth may set you free but it curdles the blood. It has nothing to do with money. He's not on the take.

Many four leader are.

"We have only 70,000 people on Kauai..."? You might want to rethink this honest statement. Can Kauai support 70,000 people? Feed and transport 70,000 people? The answer to that is obvious.

Don D Lima, to disagree, to debate, to converse, to discuss, is not saying 'let's don't get along'. Would it better if we all agreed that 2+2=5? Listen. Do your homework and come visit me at bettejo. Remember there's always an upside to the downside.

Bettejo Dux

KimoRosen said...

BJ obviously did not read my letter, I was critical of people thinking ferry boats would bring homeless and drug dealers...I was facetious about it, because it ain't true. Like drug dealers don't fly?

Deborah Morel said...

Hey Kimo, there is a brand new ferry--recently celebrated--that will from Hua Hin to Pattaya, out yonder this way. Send the cows!

KimoRosen said...

I will need to see if the cows are up to going to Thailand! ;D)

KimoRosen said...

BTW, some great comments to this blog in comments section to BJ's letter to editor.


Anonymous said...

Moo! Move Over! The cows will be merry in the Dairy! If you like it...yipee! If you don't like it ..who cares its your problem! Just stop saying its gonna be our problem..when its your problem.
Wishing the Cows ... Aloha and welcome to Kauai ...we are not selfish to share Paradise with them since they will be in the best care!

borninHawaii said...

From Newspaper,

"BJ you are wrong and Kimo is right. Your drug comment shows how ignorant you are about our drug problem. Kauai has the highest per capita drug use of any of the islands in Hawaii. Surprised? If anything there will be no drugs imported to Kauai, rather we will probably start to export it to other islands. And what makes you think that drugs don't make it here on the barge and planes now. BTW, there is no ferry becasue the real people of Kauai was sleeping while a few individuals imposed their will on the rest of us. O but I think they are waking up. Remember the smart meters? The real citizens finally won one. I call upon all the citizen's of Kauai to stand up against these activists. You don't have to hold signs on the side of the street like them, just vote your heart when these crazy inititives hit the ballot and activist try to run for office. If you don't do not be sad when our easy plantation culture slips away from us."

dawg2000 said...

From the newspaper,

"No BJ, the people of Kauai did not speak up, a small, loud, obnoxious minority did, and because of it we missed out on an alternate means of inter-island transportation no more risky and damaging than Hawaiian Airlines or Matson shipping. How great would it have been to be able to load up our boards, canoes, whatever, put our dog in the car with us, and go visit another island instead of having to rent all that stuff when I got there on an airline?"

kauaigirl22 said...

From the newspaper,

"The ferry was already built and paid for, the docks were in place and the cruise ships bring way more people here than the ferry ever would have. What a waste that was! Bring the ferry back!!"

manongindashadow said...

from the newspaper,

"BJ Thomas are you the singer? Did you write ,"rain drops keep falling?" The rain drops must have soak your brains.
Next time write on something to solve our traffic problems. Instead of trying to kill the dairy."

Deborah Morel said...

I'll take good care of your cow cow friends, and make sure that they have a good time in the "Land of Smiles."

KimoRosen said...

another letter to the editor published about this blog and column in the 04-15-14 edition of the Kauai Garden Island news.


‘Kimo’s World’ wrong about Kauai
In regards to Kimo’s World (TGI, April 7), if this waste of space and ink is allowed to continue in our newspaper, at least rename his column to something more appropriate, like, Kimo’s One Man’s Personal Opinion. There is nothing humorous or intelligent about his tongue-in-cheek insults to the Hawaiian Islands, its people and culture. Got a few questions on some of Kimo’s opinionated ramblings.
Hawaii: It is not an island state, that would be more like Staten Island in New York. The Hawaiian Islands are a fragile archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that happens to be governed by the US of A. Each island is unique in its own special way, that’s kind of what makes it paradise.
Superferry: It was not stopped by the “antis.” It was stopped by the concerned local population. Remember, there was never an EPA study performed. It would have brought a multitude of cars that Kauai roads could not, and still cannot, handle. There is also the threat of an influx of homeless, drugs, the mongoose, decimation of our native habitat and the arrival of more invasive species. Still want to bring a super-duper ferry over here?
Food: Appears Kimo’s idea of good food in the islands is dining at McDonald’s, Costco or some other fast-food franchise. Look around. There are hundreds of local restaurants owned by local residents serving great food at a low cost. Instead of patronizing some giant Mainland corporation, why not sit down in a friendly little restaurant, eat some home grown food and support the local population?
Antis: Don’t think that would be liberal Mainland newcomers fighting to keep Kauai the way it is. Antis, kind of like Kimo, would be the ones that want to change everything about Kauai and make it bigger and faster. Missing that big city lifestyle? How about Oahu, Maui or New York? No change needed.
Kauai, at present, is still pretty much a quiet, laid back, family oriented island. Why not keep it that way?
If someone, anyone, is truly dissatisfied with Kauai’s food, people, transportation or indigenous animals, why are you here? Why?
Life is to short to be unhappy. Please, go make yourself happy.
Mika Ashley-Hollinger

Rick Comstock said...

Responses on Facebook page to letter titled, ‘Kimo’s World’ wrong about Kauai'

An opinion is never wrong Jimbo. Never try to appease a few by surrendering your voice and humor. The fact is even the locals don't go to the neighborhood local food restaurants where rice is two scoops with everything. Their dying off slowly. These restaurants when I go out is only party to tourists. Its a local game just like the food trucks that only open when the boats in....

Anonymous said...


The letter this guy wrote seems really serious. He's kinda uptight, and seem to be missing the intentions in Kimo's writing. Has this guy ever met Kimo, had a conversation with him? Didn't this guy like the part Kimo wrote about cows on the Super Ferry? That was really funny.

Ami Thea said...


I agreed with many of the points he made on the specific issues, but thought he was mean about it

Rick Comstock said...


Cows on the Super Ferry....what a hoot Jimbo! Don't agree with the venue this person used. He has an opinion he is allowed but pissing in public I find offensive. If it was a rebuttal to the article then humor requires humor. All opinion pieces by Kimo are satire in nature. Think about it.

KimoRosen said...

For the record a woman wrote the letter... Same type of people who thought the chicken commentary by TGI by April Fuhl was for real. Please add these opinions to comments page on TGI website if you have the time or energy or even better sent in a rebuttal to the letter?

Anonymous said...


People are allowed to have opinions good or bad but I do think it is a wrong move to list her name on FB never a good idea to reveal sources it only fuels the flames not a nice move,I like you but this was wrong. Even if you don't agree being gracious shows you are a gentleman.

KimoRosen said...

your right, I deleted her name, however it is public info since she signed her name to it in thew Garden Island news, iyt'ds there for thoose who read the letter...

Eagle-6 said...

From comments section TGI 04-15-14;

Mika, "your missing the point,like TGIs better than Orwells "April Fuhls" joke, that well.. Best ever in my opinion. He is like the old crumudgen Rooney that used to finish up 60 Mins on Sunday eavnings. Just observing what he sees from a "been there" perspective. Never met Kimo, but I enjoy his column, and that it makes a "happy" person like you so "unhappy", adds too his credentials. Have fun with it!"

tooindependent said...

From TGI comments 04-15-14;

"Mika Ashley-Hollinger... First I'm very surprised that GIN would allow a letter that let's people fire back at there prized possession featured forum writer. Good for you. I still actually think his commentary belongs on the page with dear Abby and crossword puzzles. Secondly you are wrong about the supper ferry. It was stopped by the "antis". By what you say about it tells me you are one of those who were there beating on the first cars that showed up and your friends on surfboards trying to block it's entrance. How groovy. We lost a great means of transportation since now we are faced with the continuing high cost of monopoly airlines. Your reasons for not having it are lame and unfounded. Think about it we already have plenty of homeless, one of the highest per capita of drug problem abusers , decimation of the native habitat, and plenty of invasive species like the "antis". And yes we need the super ferry maybe we can still re-coop the forty million wasted on the ramp that's rusting away. Just watch the future people are finally waking up because of the anti's actions you are of a small minority and the bs is going to finally stop."

Anonymous said...

It would be great if TGI would stop publishing both James Rosen and Bettijo Dux. News from the Associated Press would be better than their nonsensical ramblings.

bett said...

Mika Ashley-Hollinger. Kimo is my friend so I have a concern responding. In so many ways you are correct. In so many ways you are not. I have lunch with him at least once a month and we often eat in local restaurants.
As for the super ferry you are exactly correct That dolled-up troop transport was introduced for one reason only: in order to bring Stryker tanks and other more powerful military vehicles to Kauai. As it was, I, as a protestor, looked down the barrel of a machine gun manned by a moronic looking looking girl in a Coast Guard dinghy. I saw the men in black.
Also,and I think of Kimo-the germophobe here-too many people who wanted the ferry have never crossed these channels by boat. They called it the barf barge. Locked in a room for three hours in heavy seas with people vomiting all over you. You'd never do it again. Happened on a Mauai trip. Cars and people on Mauai. How to get them back?
I"ve lived here for over forty years. Arrived in Hawaii in 1951. I can remember when Waikiki was as beautiful as Kauai.
We simply cannot turn Kauai into another Los Angeles. Please check out my column-

Anonymous said...

Very well put Mila, I see some of the most basic common sense and logic in your letter. Also don't forget that with the super ferry we would get an influx of prostitutes.

Bettejo Dux said...

Eagle 6, one day you should meet with Kimo ad me. He is a very bright, very funny guy. We laugh a lot. I hope you found and read Sunshine City on Kauai. Working on final proof Children of the Extinction. I'll sign a copy of The Scam for you.
Mika, you're welcome, too. I'm trying to find your book now.
To our newcomer SVDC. Hi and Aloha. . I suggest you don't read either Kimo or me, they upset you so. But you are welcome to our gathering. Organic cheese and crackers on me. Bring your own GMO Franken popcorn and milk.
Bettejo Dux