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Monday, April 21, 2014

"Dog and God..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Column)

James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapa'a
with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby...

This blog was published in my bi-weekly column in the Kaua'i Garden
Island news on 04-21-14 titled " God and Dog." Please click on
the link below and check recommend...

Dog and God

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Every writer has the same ingredients to write anything from fiction and  non-fiction, to poetry,songs, great recipes and  newspaper columns.

Some writers can write best selling classics, just as some chefs can create 5 star  gourmet dishes.

Just as the constitution states that all men are equal, all writers are also equal, given the 26 letters they have to work with.Once you have use of the ingredients of the 26 letters you need a few other key elements. A vivid imagination, aesthetic enthusiasm and  the desire  to share part of your soul with your readers.  

I hope you enjoy my story created with most of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Once upon a time lived a grey haired and gotee bearded man with his best friend a dog, on the cosmic Garden island of Kauai.
The man realized his only true friend was his dog, however his dog had many friends. People always said hello to the dog and not to the man. People would buy presents and give treats to the dog and never to the man. The Dog was not only the best friend to the man but made people feel good, even made strangers laugh and smile. Strangers would  always come up to the dog wanting to kiss and pet  the dog, yet nobody wanted to do the same to the man.

This dog was actually a rescue dog that somebody wanted to discard.

This  dog is also very smart, when asked what is on top of the house? She always replies, "roof, roof." When asked the opposite of smooth, she says, "rough, rough."    

This dog just happens to be my dog. She  is so smart I named her  after the 44th president of the United states, 'Obama.'What's so ironic is that I have friends that can't even call my dog by her name, since they dislike President Obama with a passion. Obama therefore  has taken on the moniker of 'Bommers' or 'Boms.'

When I am out in public and call my dog's name or say, "Obama get over here,"  people look at me with strange eyes, like I am crazy.They think I am calling the president, they don't realize my dog's name is Obama.

Upon realizing it, they usually smile and say something to the nature of, "we can tell our friends on the mainland we met 'Obama' on Kauai in person, or should we say, in dog?"

If you are single there is nothing better than a cute dog to attract members of the opposite sex. I cannot even count the number of times someone of the opposite sex has asked the metaphoric question, "can I pet your dog?"  E-harmony and J-date, move over.

To anyone battling depression or just in need of a true friend, may I suggest getting your own 'Obama,' your own rescue dog or even a cat.  I know the fifty dollars I spent to  acquire a best friend is the best $50.00 I ever spent. The dog also came with a bag of dog food, a training video, all shots, a leash, discount coupons and a heart of gold. 

 I would like to quote the chorus of  the song "God and Dog" by Wendy Francisco, it goes like this;
"I look up and I see God, I look down and see my Dog."Simple spelling G O D, same word backwards, D O G." "And in my human frailty...I can't match their love for me."  

The expression goes, "Dogs are man's best friend."Please visit your local  ASPCA  or humane society and  adopt a dog today, or better yet have the dog rescue you as was my good fortune.  I like to tell people, Obama rescued me, that is "Obama Da Dog! 


P.S.  Watch this heartfelt YouTube;

This week marks the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, one of the most violent and fatal Nazi camps. Watch the video above in commemoration.

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...

Great T-shirts!   ;D)


Jean Bornell said...

via email,

i do not believe there is a GOD - just some writer FICTION

KimoRosen said...

I know that, but you know the meaning of God, so you can read the article and substitute, nature, or Darwin or whatever...

Beth Tokioka, Mayors assistant said...

Via email,

Mahalo, Kimo!

Kit Ellison said...

via email,
Love it!! When I see you I always say "Hi!" to you then notice Obama. BTW...would you like a nice rawhide bone?

KimoRosen said...

I know you do, I'm just having fun with my column, most people however are not like you. No thanks, I am sick of chewing on rawhide! ;D)

Harmony Bentosino said...

My best friend with 5 dogs is moving to the Mainland. I can't wait till I have enough $ to support a dog of my own!

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, just get a dog, things will flow and 'harmonize!", a 20 lb or under dog does not take much to feed financially, more of a time commitment than financial commitment if you get a healthy dog. Whose your best friend with 5 dogs? Is that Woody?

billyjoebob said...

comment form Garden island news,

"Good letter Kimo.
You are of course correct that there are 26 letters in our alphabet. But there can be more to a sentence then just letters. Punctuation, spacing, spelling, even font and size play a huge roll in the actual expressing and meaning.
I am just splitting hairs though ( dog? ).
I enjoyed this letter, thank you."

Bettejo Dux said...

from Garden island comments page,
Love it. Kisses to Obama. Bettejo

Deborah Morel said...

via Facebook email;

"I really enjoyed this story; it was your usually sarcastic funny...but, with a bit of heart warming. Nice job on this story!"

Harmony Bentosino said...

"No ,it's my friend, Robin. Woody doesn't have a dog. He had a duck, but the duck ran away & is staying with another neighbor. As for supporting a dog I only have enough $ for food for me, & nothing left for dog food or vet bills until I get another job, & I have no idea when that would be."

KimoRosen said...

You said, "Woody doesn't have a dog?" Does the dog have a woody? couldn't resist. They say sarcasm is a sign your brain is working! ;D)

Deborah Morel said...

I really enjoyed this story you wrote, Kimo. It had your usual sarcastic Andy Rooney kind-of-humor, and heart warming words as well. What an interesting combination.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo D!

Stephanie Lum, Hawai'i nNews Now said...

James, interesting blog and cute dog!

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Steph!