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Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Finally, a week without snow...." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York and has worked in
the ophthalmology field of medicine for over 30 years.

Finally, a week without snow

Well now that is May, we in the North country have managed to make it for a week without snow flakes...yes you would think it would be safe to put out spring plants but not in Buffalo NY...

I have been self inspiring myself by watching TV shows like Hoarders and Flipping this house and now am ready to start my Spring cleaning and purging of the non essentials lurking around the house.

The grass is starting to grown and flower bulbs awakening...I feel renewed for another year; it has been a looong winter here and am also preparing myself for another trip to the West Coast for some REAL SUN that is in the sky for days at a time...it somehow renews the soul to just feel that Sun after such a long hibernation.

Happy late  Spring to Everyone.

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KimoRosen said...

Well, it's safe to put out our plants on Kauai! ;D)

Facebook replies said...

Drug meme comments;
LaVenture, Douglas Meeker, Keith Haugen and 2 others like this.

Christina Sanchez The Pharmaceutical Companies/Lobbyists are in bed with them, then they set themselves up , making lawyers RICH with class action suits. You can't get your life back if one of these drugs kills you.
Yesterday at 11:04 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen It's always best to use the Farmacy in Lieu of the Pharmacy....
Yesterday at 11:50 · Unlike · 2

Chuck Lasker I don't think the person who made this knows what a recall is.
Yesterday at 12:15 · Like

Keith Haugen Frightening,isn't it?
Yesterday at 12:54 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen Chuck, can you explain, I don't think the person who made this knows what a recall is?
Yesterday at 14:48 · Like

Chuck Lasker Not only does the FDA never ever say anything is "safe and effective," they also don''t recall anything. Manufacturers do. And the vast majority of the time it's based on lawsuits that have little to do with facts and science. Ever see the TV ads for "if you took this drug or had this operation, call this law firm?" Well, it's a multi-billion dollar industry, suing Big Pharma. Perfectly good drugs are often removed from the market due to spurious lawsuits, like the autism/vaccine lawsuit that turns out the law firm literally made up the "data" they used in the case, and they're still using the data in more lawsuits. It's the same BS as anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, ChemTrails, etc., because people LOVE to beat down on corporations about making profits, usually while drawing a salary from for-profit corporations or owning one themselves.
Yesterday at 15:09 · Unlike · 1

Facebook replies said...

More Drug meme commments;
Christina Sanchez Perfectly good drugs?? Are you kidding me?? Phen-fen was Proven to have heart problems associated with it, that's why anyone who took it had to have an Ekg to show whether they had any damage, Yasmin a BCP had effects, associated with it, Actos, Lipitor, etc, etc, when we hear those T.V. ad's do you notice @ the end they mention in 10 sec's all the possible side effects stated faster then a ticker tape, sorry but I totally disagree with your summation Chuck, & I have been in the Medical field for over 40 years.
Yesterday at 15:51 · Like

Rick Comstock Just read the sheet the pharmacy gives with every prescription. The world may not be perfect but we would still be using snake oil elixir to cure shit. What we have are drugs that address the symptoms. Manbe better doctors that do not buy into the pharmacies salesmanship for a profit. To many people trying to prove somethings bad, like falling off a ladder, must of been the ladders fault.
Yesterday at 16:50 · Edited · Like

Christina Sanchez If you belong to an HMO,, then they give you Generic medications, not all the fluffy ones you see on T.V. in private practice it is up to the Dr. what he chooses to prescribe, they do get wooed by Pharmacy sales people , dinners, gifts etc .P.S. No one reads the sheets they are miles long small print so they trust that they are given what they need, I could tell you horror stories about What really happens, however the Medical field covers things up, so you would never know, trust me.
23 hours ago · Like

James Kimo Rosen Chuck, you always make me think! Lasker Kauai County council 2014. I believe June 6th is deadline to pull papers.... I believe you could win with a social media blitz, while everyone else is standing on the corner waiving...
23 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Chuck Lasker Christina - I said "Perfectly good drugs are often removed from the market due to spurious lawsuits" -- I didn't say always. I didn't say ALL drugs that were recalled or taken off the market were good. But some were. I stand by that.
23 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Chuck Lasker I won't run for Council. But I WILL support Mel, and now Arryl.
23 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Christina Sanchez @ Chuck Lasker, glad you clarified your statement reading it @ face value I feel if you weren't called on it one would conclude the same as I did.
22 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Chuck Lasker No worries, Christina. I'm always happy when someone questions my statements, especially if it gets me to change my mind. I can see how I wasn't clear - and I am no fan of Big Pharma. I'm just also not a fan of sweeping claims in Facebook memes. LOL
21 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Thomas LaVenture lol, best thing you posted yet Kimo. It seems like money provides a speed track to approval, and the best liability insurance.
21 hours ago · Edited

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Hahaha,Judith,please email us snowless friends in Hawaii,we have pineapple syrups waint tp make snow cones...yum yum