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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"The milk factory, good or bad?"

Bettejo Dux has lived on the cosmic Garden Island of Kaua'i for over 40 years...
Bettejo  is the author of thefamed novella, "The Scam."
Her new book "Children of Extinction" will be out soon!

Editors, note. EBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Ulupono Initiative is investing $17.5 million to build a grass-fed dairy farm on Kaua'i.

Kaua'i is divided again.  Many in the community are up in arms about the potential of the pollution and smells form a dairy farm. They feel it will deter visitors and cause added pollution.

The milk factory, good or bad?

 It gets a little old having to repeat the same thing over and over but it's true: "It's the economy, stupid".

 Profit trumps people every time. In the heartless corporate state what ever positive qualities are destroyed mean nothing if the dollars are there. Kauai will be left with the mess-just as New Zealand was-the milk factory will haul in the money. 

All some people do when they look at land is see dollar signs There are others who see life. Who see beauty. Who see fertile soil feeding and nourishing healthy human beings.

 Tourists? They come here because of the vast open space Fresh air. Clean water. Surf. Swim. Suburban sprawl, immense concrete jungles, traffic jams, and foul air don't really have a draw. Those glorious fields of tall green grass-sugar- were pleasing to the eye. Not the best crop. But it beat GMO corn, rich in toxic sprays that foul the air. 

A milk factory that, in truth, is an insult to human intelligence. Eighteen hundred grass fed cows on five hundred acres? The moon is made of green cheese. 

A shorter version of this blog appeared in the Garden Island news on 05-09-14, "Milk driven by profit.

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


KimoRosen said...

It's not a nuclear power plant for Gods (Darwin's) sake. let free enterprise flourish. The man Pierre has all the state and federal approvals. they are even recycling the poop as fertilizer. Nothing ever get's done on Kauai..

Kauai Snarklectic said...

We are in favor of a dairy at Moloa'a where it belongs, and the operation should also incl Organic milk production, and be manufactured right here on Kaua'i, and sold to hotels, restaurants, and regular folks, like you.

In the past we had several dairies on Kauai, because the island was more self sufficient out of necessity. Things needed to be produced here, because the barges didn't come that often.Portuguese bread ovens were all over Kaua'i. Bread was manufactured right here. Hanalei became rice paddies for a time, and Coco Palms area even tried producing copra. We had Pineapples that were grown, and completely manufactured here, even to being canned here. We had local soda even, and eggs. All manufactured here.

There is simply no reason why this cannot be done. not doing it makes no sense whatsoever, to have something that is made here, not produced here, packaged here and sold here, and the excess shipped off. That makes sense. To ship it off, to be sent back to us, packaged and costing more then mainland milk is utter nonsense, and frankly a bad business model for Kaua'i investment. people are sick of buying half rotten food here. people want fresh food that hasn't been shipped in.

Common sense also dictates, that decades later, trying to place a dairy in the exact same spot that it was 60 years ago, after growth, tourism, and hotels, and the preservation of the Maha'ulepu area, is also, pretty ridiculous.

It's like saying "We want to go back to the fifties, when life was so good!". Uh huh.

Think about that.

This message was brought to you by the Non Dairy Creamers Association of Kauai *not* :D


KimoRosen said...

Snarklectic, you make a lot of sense. Something I see very little of Kaua'i.

Wish I knew your identity so we could do lunch someday. email me in confidentiality and we can meet. I promise to not reveal your identity.

Rick Comstock said...

interesting view of transparency, another secret meeting taking place on Kauai....do I need my mahalo card to attend this new ownership blog. congratulations Bettjo...

Kauai Snarklectic said...

Thanks for the invite, Kimo, but our publishing staff has a real hard time getting dressed in the morning, much less assembling all together for a meeting. They do like lunch, however. There are about 78 of us. Can you bring your gold card? This might get expensive.

Perhaps just the Executive Publishing staff could attend, that narrows it down to about 20.

Appreciate the invite, Buddy, but we all prefer to remain anon. But we Love secret meetings though. Can Rick come? He seems like a cool guy?

Besides, someone might waterboard you to find out who we are, and we like you too much to expose you to that kind of risk :D

KimoRosen said...

OK Snarks, however you have an open invite. Bettejo and i meet once a month for a lunch, you might want to join the two of us. This way you get 2 for the price of one. Bring all 78...

Rick Comstock said...

Rick is not cool....I'd like to water board Kimo right, 'if I can figure out which real bloger I use to enjoy. ...Post in third person to a third person blog'

Rick Comstock said...

Rick is not cool....I'd like to water board Kimo right, 'if I can figure out which real bloger I use to enjoy. ...Post in third person to a third person blog'

KimoRosen said...

Rick, no idea what your talking about, but you are also invited to have lunch with Bettejo and myself next Monday, we meet at 1:00 in the food court at Kukui Grove...