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Monday, June 23, 2014

"Benefits of Jewish rye bread..." 'Chester "Unc" Lau' (Source)

Dakinetalks favorite Uncle (Chester Lau)
"Unc"  is really passionate about creating a national Caregivers day.
Any help , support or ideas would be greatly appreciated...
'Unc' currently resides on the Hawai'ian Island of Oahu. 
He is a retired cinematographer,
 and  enjoys giving the politicians a bad time...
"Unc" also enjoy's Jewish rye bread!

Benefits of Jewish rye bread

The 87-year-old had just finished his morning 
jog and wasn't even short of breath. The 
80-year-old was amazed at the guy's stamina 
and asked him what he did to have so much energy.

The 87-year-old said, "Well, I eat Jewish rye 
bread every day. It keeps your energy level high and you'll have
great stamina with the ladies. You'll feel like 40 again!"

So, on the way home the 80-year-old stopped at 
the bakery.As he was looking around, the saleslady asked if he needed any help.

He said, "Do you have any Jewish rye bread?"
She said, "Yes, there's a whole shelf of it. Would you like some?"

He said, "I want five loaves."

She said, "My goodness, five loaves! By the 
time you get to the 3rd loaf, it'll be hard."

He replied, "I can't believe everybody knows about this alleged secret but me."

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...

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