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Thursday, August 14, 2014

"The Magic Bank Account..." 'Chester "Unc" Lau' (Source)

Dakinetalks favorite Uncle (Chester Lau)
"Unc"  is really passionate about creating a national Caregivers day.
Any help , support or ideas would be greatly appreciated...
'Unc' currently resides on the Hawai'ian Island of Oahu. 
He is a retired cinematographer,
 and  enjoys giving the politicians a bad time...

The Magic Bank Account

Imagine that you had won the following *PRIZE* in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use. However, this prize has rules:

The set of rules:

1. Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken away from you.

2. You may not simply transfer money into some other account. 

3. You may only spend it.
4. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another $86,400 for that day.

5. The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say,“Game Over!".  It can close the account and you will not receive a new one.

What would you personally do?

You would buy anything and everything you wanted right? Not only for yourself, but for all the people you love and care for. Even for people you don't know, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself, right?

You would try to spend every penny, and use it all, because you knew it would be replenished in the morning, right?


Shocked ??? YES!

Each of us is already a winner of this *PRIZE*. We just can't seem to see it.


1. Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life.

2. And when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is NOT credited to us.

3. What we haven't used up that day is forever lost.

4. Yesterday is forever gone.

5. Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time WITHOUT WARNING...

SO, what will YOU do with your 86,400 seconds?

Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in dollars. Think about it and remember to enjoy every second of your life, because time races by so much quicker than you think.

So take care of yourself, be happy, love deeply and enjoy life!

Here's wishing you a wonderful and beautiful day. 



Check out this YouTube, Dog on trampoline!:

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Debbie Eayrs said...

Good post!

KimoRosen said...

It's true too! Great lesson from Uncle Chester!

Harmony Bentosino said...

Are time & money opposite sides of the same coin but with different rules for use because you can invest & grow your money but not your time? Both are valuable, but when push comes to shove, I usually choose time over money.

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

I would spend all the money everyday to send all George W.Bush's administration & all he Jehadis to Iraq & Afghanistan forever without toilet papers but with tons of laxatives

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

in addition,with George W's gang are the war profiteers!!!

Anonymous said...

via YouTube on trampoline dog;
"Love this puppy dog!"

KimoRosen said...

via YouTube on trampoline dog

The dog is definitely a hipster!