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Monday, November 17, 2014

"A society named Sue..." 'Kimo's world #43'

James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapa'a
 with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby...

This blog appeared as an opinion article in the Sunday , 11-15-14
 edition of the Kaua'i Garden Island newspaper; 

A society named Sue

I  recently read in the newspaper that a local doctor is being sued for wrongful death because his patient overdosed  on prescription pain medication patches.

I also know of a person in Florida who was broke and intentionally went into a nationally franchised  hardware store, staged a fall and claimed a  major back injury and settled out of court for mega bucks.

There are the people who plant glass in their dinner entree and sue restaurants.

 Believe it or not,  there  are  politicians that sue the people that pay their salary.

Why would anyone want to be a doctor? I am glad we still have doctors and business entrepreneurs  in this sue happy society we live in. There is the famous Johnny Cash song, "A boy  named Sue," Nowadays it's more like a society named Sue.

People need to take responsibility, if they spill hot coffee on themselves, it's their fault, not the restaurant's fault. Accidents happen all the time, what doctor or business intentionally  tries to hurt people? None! We live in a sue happy society where so many are looking for their big pay day and living happily ever after at the expense of others.

I am glad I am of retirement age.  People who start businesses these days have so much stress from the public. Why are Medical professionals being held responsible for their patient's actions when all they are trying to do is  help?

I believe it's time for medical professionals and businesses to have everyone sign a disclaimer similar to a prenuptial  before walking into their store, medical practice, or business. It could be as simple as;
I________________ take total responsibility for my actions. I promise to not sue this medical professional or store since I know they are only trying to help me.

They say a ship in the harbor may be safe, but that's not what a ship is built for. It's a sad situation in this day an age since a ship in harbor is exactly what many are now choosing to be.

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The essence of life is a Huli Huli chicken with  lots of Aloha!


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Adam Wojak HULI HULI!!!!!!!!
15 November at 21:41 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen Can I hear an Amen and HULI HULI!
15 November at 21:41 · Unlike · 2

Adam Wojak AMEN! and HULI HULI!!!!
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Jaana Makipaa <--- Clutching over-full belly & trying to chant "Huli Huli" with enthusiasm, but it's impossible with an overextended belly... LOL!
15 November at 21:43 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen imagine me, I had Caesar salad and jasmine rice with carrots along with mine! Amen and HULI HULI.
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James Kimo Rosen I nominate Ja'ana as the President of the Huli Huli fan club! Do I hear a second?
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Jaana Makipaa Kimo, YOU are the one who started this! You must remain in charge of the Huli Huli club.
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James Kimo Rosen Actually Micah is the one who turned me on to the place!
15 November at 21:52 · Like · 1

Jaana Makipaa Ha! Then Micah had better get on FB more often so he can take control of this whole situation! LOL!
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James Kimo Rosen Exactly!
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Tammy Ann VW I love Keos Hulihuli chicken!
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Thomas VanderWende Long Live Keo and Suzanne!!!
Yesterday at 03:33 · Like · 1

Thomas VanderWende please tell them we said hello, they dont have FB...Keo is so old school!!!
Yesterday at 03:34 · Like · 1

Jaana Makipaa We told them they needed to at least set up a business FB account, but nooooooo..... Maybe I will just do it for them.
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James Kimo Rosen I forget to tell him, ex time for sure Bruddah Tom in Dubai...
Yesterday at 08:56 · Like · 1

Jaana Makipaa Tom lives in Yaba-daba-doo. LOL!

(I can never remember the name of his new hometown off the top of my head, so I just think of the Flintstones & "Yaba-daba-doo" and I figure that's close enough. )
Yesterday at 09:18 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen That's hilarious! I will remember Yaba Daba doo!
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James Kimo Rosen

Opinion article posting said...

Comments from Garden Island opinion column posted yesterday, the column is the same article as the blog.

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Jaana Makipaa Great letter. And all these lawsuits are what drive costs up for the rest of us consumers because businesses and medical clinics, etc. have to purchase expensive liability insurance plans for cases like these.

I am very curious about the judges who see these cases and actually rule in favor of plaintiffs. Especially in such ridiculous claims as spilling their own coffee or overdosing on their medications, etc.
Yesterday at 08:22 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen Ja'ana, it's the juries not the judges that decide the fate of the defendant.
Yesterday at 08:54 · Like

Jaana Makipaa These cases go to jury trial? Are you sure about this?
I thought cases like these just go to civil court & don't involve juries...
Yesterday at 09:14 · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen good point, many are settled before going to jury... Your right counselor!
23 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Jaana Makipaa On the subject of law: How can I legally change my name to "Ja'ana?"
I really like that!
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Opinion article posting-2 said...

part 2-

Rick Comstock Just start using it....in due time you will be aka.....I think Kimo is doing just that....and my wife uses Mahala her hula name given to her by her kimo. Ja'ana .... just remember important stuff needs to be Jaana like credit cards, SSI, Heath Care, rent, wills.......
23 hrs · Edited · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen Just start writing it that way, and pronouncing that way, it will catch on. Since the spelling is the same, I don't think it's a legal matter, just a punctuation matter.
23 hrs · Unlike · 2

Rick Comstock I think of this Ja'ana Makipa'a ..... then file for some Hawaii land, pass yourself off as 30% Native Hawaiian.....congratulation your now a local.
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Opinion article posting-3 said...

James Kimo Rosen Rick, were all loco anyway!
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Jaana Makipaa LOL! Well, I'm always asked, "Eh, who you married to?" as everyone assumes it's a Hawaiian name. I did start pronouncing my last name the Hawaiian way decades ago, only because it simplified matters. I rarely even need to spell it for people as long as I don't pronounce it the Finnish way.
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Rick Comstock Now it's spelled the Hawaiian way correctly.....and your not Finnicky anymore nor any less.
21 hrs · Like · 1

Pete Antonson I tried going by P'ete but people just thought I had gas!
18 hrs · Unlike · 3

James Kimo Rosen it should read Pet'e according to dakine.
18 hrs · Like · 2

Jaana Makipaa Pete would have much more fun with his last name: Ant'on'son. That has a nice ring to it.
18 hrs · Unlike · 1

Rick Comstock Ja'ana you have a really nice name to spell Hawaiian...Hawaiian language presents the ( ' ) between vowels.... but than again I don't think the locals can actually read or write good Hawaiian any better than this haola... Pete and Jimbo give it up and keep your white asses out of the sun like I do......
18 hrs · Unlike · 2

Jaana Makipaa I definitely have the double-vowel advantage ...And I've been staying out of the sun possibly too much, being the hermit I am.
17 hrs · Unlike · 2

James Kimo Rosen I leave for a few hours and comedy central moves in! Ha'aha'a...
13 hrs · Like · 1

James Kimo Rosen Lesson for da day! The okina* looks like a backwards apostrophe. It is a glottal stop that seperates vowel sounds.
The kohoka* is a line shown over vowels. It indicates that the vowel should be held longer.
13 hrs · Unlike · 2

Jaana Makipaa Kohoka looks like thus: ō

And the messed up stuff that happens if you actually spell my name correctly looks like this: Mäkipää
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Rick Comstock keep it simple is my motto.....
5 hrs · Like

Harmony Bentosino There are some reasonable lawsuits. In the case of the spilled coffee at MacDonald's, the plaintiff was quite elderly, was severely burned, & most significantly, the coffee was much hotter than it needed to be. Too hot for anyone to drink.
3 hrs · Like

Rick Comstock ah the three bears theory...if it's not just right than blame the porridge maker. How about the guy driving his motor home got up walked to the bathroom .... the motor home wreaked and the driver sued because the instruction didn't warn him "not to leave the drivers seat"....I'm behind dismissing the ignorance and commonsense. If they look down a barrel of a gun and squeeze the trigger, Opps!