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Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Golf Anyone...?" Tammy Ann VanderWende (Live from Abu Dhabi-4)

Dakinetalk is excited to welcome our newest regular guest-blogger Tammy Ann VanderWende.
Tammy is a Kaua'i girl who recently moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerites
 with her husband Tom, son Kyler and family dog Kealia.
Join Tammy on her adventures as she shares her experiences on life in the Middle East!
This is Blog #4 from Abu Dhabi...

Golf Anyone?

The HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship is currently going on here in Abu Dhabi and there's not a better place than in my back yard! 

I can't believe it! Honestly, a year ago this tournament was on TV in my living room back in Paanau Village in Koloa, Kaua'i. I remember seeing these ladies in long red gowns and long black hair, they were standing on the tee 3 of them in a row and they had their heads bowed down and swung their hair back and forth to some Arabic music. I thought it was the oddest thing I ever saw in my life, I said to myself, what the in the hell is this? and why are they doing it on the golf course of all places? 

I was told it was a golf tournament in Abu Dhabi and of course I said Abu Dhabi?? Where  is that?  I kept watching  the golf tournament, when these men dressed in long white gowns with white head covers on, come out to present the trophy. Again I am thinking what kind of place is this Abu Dhabi? They dance weird and they dress weird!! They even had pretty flight attendants for Emirates airlines standing on the tee box looking ever so lovely with their scarves draped below their chin so neatly and standing like models on the tee box. I thought to myself in the moment, wow this must be a rich company or something the way they are dressed and presenting themselves!
Yes, I guess you know where I am going with this!! Can you believe it!! Exactly one year later, I am living here in Abu Dhabi! And even more ironic I am caddying in the Pro Am and volunteering my time at this tournament! The eccentric dresses that both men and women wear, happen to be the traditional normal wear for the Arabs and the Emirates who live here. 

I am having the time of my life here in Abu Dhabi! Yes, even on the golf course! I am used to watching the PGA Tour, but here at this tournament I get to watch a huge group of handsome European pros (not as handsome as my sweetheart husband!) walking in around in stylish  Nike, Puma, Boss, Titleist, Adams, Callaway, Taylormade etc, etc, brands. Sporting flashy Rolex watches and Sharp sunglasses adorning their chiseled looks. Each man walking around with their Caddy that is sporting an apron bearing the Pro name on it! 
Your wondering how did I get this cool set up? Well, I Googled the Golf Tournament event to read up on it and then I saw the word 'VOLUNTEERS.' I thought to myself, why not Tammy?

 You golf, go check it out! I signed up online, got an email letter  and here I am! When you check in they give you a nice white tournament logo golf shirt and a cap, also a lanyard with a pass on it to wear and a parking pass to hang from your mirror! I was feeling pretty spiffy at the fun perks!
Today I caddied in the Pro Am, the Pro for the group was  Thornbor Olesen a top European Pro, very friendly and an excellent player! Later on I was invited up to dine in the 2 story hospitality tent that sits on the left side of the 18th Green! 

Talk about buffet, all the fresh sushi, seafood, lamb, pasta, steak, you can eat with complimentary beverages! What a treat! Thank you Lord!

After lunch I headed to the Volunteer booth to exchange my golf shirt (too small, from eating too much great food here!) At this time after the many great volunteer opportunities being offered to me, the chief marshal asked me if I could manage a group of volunteers for the 18th Hole Hospitality tent, I asked what am I to do? Hold the 'QUIET' sign up while pros are on the 18th Green, to make sure  and keep the crowd quiet, while they are drinking and enjoying the tournament! I said, really? Oh The TITA  in Tammy can definitely help a group of volunteers do crowd control on being QUIET!!! SHHHhhhhh???!!!! NOT!!!
(A Tita in Hawaii is a woman who can hold her own and doesn't take any crap. It's a good thing to be a Tita)

None the less, I said I will do it! So tune in to the Sports Channels and watch the HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, LOOK for me in the crowd that is in the 2 story tent on the left side of the 18th Green!!!! I'll be having FUN keeping the drinkers and onlookers QUIET!!!! SSSSHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!!

Aloha!! Thanks for joining me here, now go tune in to the Golf Channel!!!
With each event that we encounter here in Abu Dhabi, it seems that the Lord has fun opening doors and shower us with so many neat Blessings! 

Hana Hou, (Encore) Kaua'i  Sunrise-Sunset Therapy 
By James "Kimo" Rosen
 (Live from Kaua'i Hawai'i) 

Nothing beats starting your day with a Sunrise... and ending with a Sunset...

Kaua'i Sunrise from the front door...

Kaua'i Sunset from the back door...


KimoRosen said...

Tammy, I am hooked, lined and sinkered with all your adventures in Abu Dhabi. I truly feel like i am right there experiencing this remarkable journey with you and your family...

Adrian Cabacungan · said...

Golf tour?

Tammy Ann VanderWende said...

Thank you Kimo!! I love Abu Dhabi and the many friends I am Making from around the world! REPRESENT!!!!!