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Monday, February 2, 2015

"The Pizza Conspiracy..." 'Kimo's world #55'

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired Professional photographer and publisher.
Rosen lives on the  beautiful Garden Island of Kaua'i with his best
friend Obama Da Dog. Rosen also posts the Sunrise daily on his Facebook Timeline.

Kimo's world #55

The Pizza Conspiracy

I think most people enjoy the comfort food of Pizza? There are all kinds of Pizza these days.

From pesto, marinara to white wine as the sauce. The ingredients can vary with every variety of vegetable and meat imaginable. The crust can be white, whole wheat, Gluten free and many other varieties. Some pizzeria's even fill the crust with additional cheese.

The conspiracy happens when you order multiple ingredients on the same pizza.  If you order a Cheese and Pepperoni pizza it usually has a good amount of pepperoni's on it, lets ball park and say there are 30 slices of pepperoni on a large pizza. Let's say that pizza cost $15.00.

Now you want a two ingredient pizza where the price is $18.00. You order Cheese, pepperoni and mushroom, however to make room for the mushrooms you only get half the amount of pepperoni approximately 15.  The same is true for three ingredients, now you have less pepperoni and less mushroom to make room the jalapeno peppers.

Since the volume is the same whether one ingredient or three ingredients, shouldn't the price be the same and not additional?

There is only one place that sells pizza that does not charge for extra ingredients, it is our local big box store, Costco.

For the one millionth time, Mahalo Hui Loa to Costco,  not only for pricing their pizza's in a sane manner but for selling gas for over $1.00 a gallon cheaper than any other station on the island.  

Did someone say  a one quarter all beef hot dog with all the fixins and a refillable soft-drink for 1.50?  I hear someone calling, I think it's my friend Costco!

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Harmony Bentosino said...

I must say that although the combo, Costco pizza is good with plenty of meat & vegies, they have no options for vegetarians other than plain cheese.

Chuck Lasker said...

I never thought about that! Those bastards and their pizza conspiracy! I think next time I'll open the box and be like, when I get pepperoni, there's 30 slices, but now that I paid more for 2 ingredients, there's still 30 pieces of toppings. I call bullshit! See what they say.

KimoRosen said...

Now your talkin Chuck! Lets band together! ;-)

Chuck Lasker said...

We can have a protest parade and concert - Malama da Pizza!

KimoRosen said...

Malama Da Pizza Kine! I'm in! ;-)

Rick Comstock said...

Malama Dakine Pizza....Malama Dakine Pizza....Malama Dakine Pizza

Rick Comstock said...

Got a fix to Chucks 30 piece two ingredient.... pepperoni and pepperoni paying more just to get it right...