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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"For Gods sake, the Dairy is not a Nuclear Power Plant..." 'James"Kimo" Rosen'

 James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired Professional photographer
and publisher.
Rosen lives on the beautiful Garden Island of Kaua'i 
with his best friend Obama Da Dog. 
Rosen also posts the Sunrise daily on his Facebook Timeline.
For Gods sake, the Dairy is not a Nuclear Power Plant...

For well over a year the Garden island news has published numerous letters and articles on the proposed dairy farm to be erected on the south shore.

Many are saying the number one and number two issues  are urine and feces from the cows (get it?)  which are said to result in pollution.
At least there are no drug dealers and homeless being brought into this argument. (Get it?) That was the brainchild excuse for the anti Super Ferry movement.

The fact of the matter is that if this wasn't a dairy but a shopping  center, hotel, big box store, affordable housing development  or another form of mass transit to  travel off island it would still be be met  by a group of people known as anti's that are opposed to anything and everything.  I believe that they believe they represent the Aloha spirit.

I understand nobody wants their space invaded. it's like a dog not wanting other dogs on the territory where they have peed.

The ones doing the most complaining about any developments on island are the transplants themselves. The ones who call themselves local because their parents immigrated here via cruise ships and first class overpriced airline tickets or whom stumbled here via a one way plane ticket.

For Gods sake people, the dairy is not a nuclear power plant. Just imagine the government wanting to erect a nuclear power plant on Kaua'i? 

Lets face it, no matter what is being built anywhere on Kauai will be met with opposition. 

Remember the dairy mans motto;"Be kind to udders!"

I stand in support of free enterprise!

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Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Sam Uel Clemens said...

I'd much rather have dairy farms than more concrete, hotels & shopping malls.
I know some people feel the smell is offensive, but I find it extremely pleasant! I miss the old dairy farm we had in Moloaa. I'd deliberately slow down while passing by so I could enjoy that aroma, which takes me back to childhood days with grandpa on his farm. (Plus, cows are SO CUUUUTE!)

Rick Comstock said...

Stop rejecting everything that brings Kauai one step closer to the 20 Century..... Alert! The world is not flat and the calendar is well into the 21 Century even for the Poipu timeshare owners on the mainland.

Rick Comstock said...

As TGI continues to write articles about the dairy farm old and new remember who sponsors the petition to stop the dairy. Yep...TGI only president and their bias environmental writer.

Sam Uel Clemens said...

I only object that which our island can't sustain. Of course I'll never claim to know solutions to our current problems, but logic dictates that we can at least take preventative measures (ie: for even worse traffic problems) by making fixing our infrastructure a priority -before building even more stuff that will only make that even more difficult to tackle later.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what is being built on Kauai, it will be met with protest from many. The irony is many of these activists are transplants believing whatever they build is fine, but not others...

KimoRosen said...

A hallmark of modern retail has been the rise of large chains, such as Walmart and Whole Foods Market...The question remains would a whole foods Big box store be met with opposition? I think not..

Anonymous said...

Dairy vs Condos: I assume cows don't drive cars so that's a plus for Dairy....on the other hand, cows don't use indoor plumbing which is a plus for the Condos.

Casildo Quiroz said...

Via Facebook;
"Nothing should be built until roads are!!!!!! Mahaulepu is sacred land!!!!!!"

Noelani Josselin said...

Via Facebook;
"A dairy would destroy native hawaiian saced sites on the south sides...its a way to prepare the land for corporate take over--land grabbing of sites that should be protected so that in 20 years after the dairy fails it can be sold for 10x the 25 mil invested to build a string of resorts."