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Monday, May 11, 2015

My thoughts on Tom Brady..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Breaking News blog!)

Breaking News!
 NFL Quarterback of the  New England Patriots Tom Brady Suspended for 4 games;

My thoughts on Tom Brady. Innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise it's nothing more than a witch hunt. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the players association stood behind him. It's the referees responsibility to fine cheating, such as in off-sides, illegal procedures roughing the passer, kicker etc. Every player that has ever been penalized has cheated. Every player would go offside and rough the passer if they weren't called for it.With all said, I am not a New England fan, just a fan of justice.
Hall of fame wide receiver used stickum on his gloves and was never fined or suspended. 
What's your take on this?

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Local TV station in Honolulu, KITV had the following comments  on their Social media Facebook page;

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended for four games following the "Deflategate" investigation.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended for four games following the "Deflategate" investigation, The Associated Press and CNN reported Monday.
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Robert Bitos Gandia said...

I agree with your assessment.

LeeAnne Mariko Nago Devos said...

Very true I agree with you

Anonymous said...

But he keeps his ring and can still play in the NFL....

Kalani Walther said...

Via Facebook;

"Since when do the wrongs of the past justify today's? The atrocities committed toward indigenous peoples in the past would justify continued brutality. James, most of the time you're right on, but this time?"

KimoRosen said...

Kalani, are you on the right thread? Don't get what your saying?

Anonymous said...

Five reasons why the NFL got the deflate-gate punishment dead wrong

How do I know the NFL didn't care about ball tampering before? Well, there are two cases in which it did practically nothing, seeing them as the misdemeanors they were. Many people have brought these situations up in previous days, including ESPN.com's Mike Reiss. They are perfect examples of the NFL's hypocrisy when it came to the Patriots.

Last season, the Carolina Panthers and Minnesota Vikings were caught, on a cold day, using sideline heaters to warm up footballs. That's against the rules. You can argue that it's not the same level as deflating footballs in a bathroom, but it has the same effect: something outside of the rules to make the football easier to grip and catch. The Panthers and Vikings were ... warned. That's it.

Now, even if you don't think it's the same level crime, it is at least similar in nature, and the difference between no punishment at all and what the Patriots got shows the NFL wanted to make an example out of New England. The NFL was pandering to the crowd, whether that was Pats-hating fans of 31 Pats-hating owners.

Also, in 2012 the San Diego Chargers used towels with an adhesive substance on their game balls and didn't give them up to the NFL immediately when ordered to do so. If you think the Panthers-Vikings thing was just some honest mistake, it's a lot harder to convince anyone that there was no intent by the Chargers to gain an advantage. And the Chargers' punishment? A $20,000 fine. That's it.

Read more;


KimoRosen said...

My thoughts on Tom Brady...

It should be the refs responsibility to check ball pressure, just like it's their responsibility to spot other penalties. Any player that has ever been penalized has basically cheated. Move on folks. This is nothing more than a witch hunt.
James "Kimo" Rosen