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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"A riddle about the barking dog ordinance..." James "Kimo" Rosen' (For Kaua'i people)

James "Kimo"Rosen is a retired Professional
 Photographer living on theGarden island
 of Kaua'i with his best friend Obama Da Dog.

A riddle about the barking dog ordinance

This blog is about a barking dog ordinance on Kaua'i that has been in effect since February 2014. This is an interesting subject matter even if you don't live on Kaua'i.

What's worse than appealing the barking dog ordinance?

A barking county council.

The  county council only voted on this bill in February of 2014 and it has only been in effect for about 18 months. There was over- whelming testimony that many neighborhoods are quieter with just the threat of a law, therefore it's working.

The division amongst council members is apparent . I  watched on Government access TV the entire meeting on appealing the law  and have come to the conclusion this is not about barking dogs, it's about division and lack of aloha between our own elected officials.

I know many of the council members and on a personal basis like them all, however when ego gets in the way and our representatives no longer respect the majority view of the people  it is time to make changes come elections in 2016.

The icing on the cake there is actually a motion to abolish term limits, can you just imagine having to live with this same rhetoric forever? 

 There is still time for this bill to  stay in place. The Mayor can veto it! Please write, call or email Mayor Carvalho to veto bill  #2590 AKA "The barking dog ordinance."  The Mayor's email is bcarvalho@kauai.gov.

Kauai sunrise memes are quotes by friends. Photos are all Kaua'i sunrise photos 
by James "Kimo" Rosen

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Grazer said...

Glad you're on it, brah. Our fool-hearted council needs to be swatted with a newspaper.

KimoRosen said...

Watching the last meeting just had me scratching my head. They spend 2 years writing a bill that's working and then one member decides to appeal, and the appeals win 4-3. Now they want to appeal term limits before the new law of term limit law even kicks in. These are laws that were voted on by us, the people, yet this small group decides--let's appeal. What a waste of taxpayer money, writing laws, than appealing them, basically accomplishing nothing, in fact being worse off than before.