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Monday, August 24, 2015

"Now you know the rest of the story~blogging, photography and opinion articles~ 'Kimo's world #85 ~'Kimo's world #85~

James "Kimo"Rosen is a retired Professional Photographer
 living on the Garden Island of Kaua'i
 with his best friend Obama Da Dog.

Kimo's World #85
Now you know the rest of the story,
blogging, photography and opinion articles

When I was in my prime-- in my youth I was a professional photographer.  I photographed everything from passports, weddings, family portraits,  commercial work for many hotels and restaurants.I led many photo workshops. I also served as a free lance journalist for the Anchorage daily news as their Homer, Alaska liaison.

Later I  became the publisher of Alaska people magazine. I did it all--story leads, sold advertising, shot photos and when the magazine came out would personally drive them to distribution points from the printers.
I photographed this cover of
Jewel for Alaska  People Magazine
Back in my prime, in 199 .I was publisher
and owner of this publication.

Fast forward to present day, although I do not work for various health problems... I  do manage to maintain a blog and every once in awhile submit photos for publication to the local newspaper along with many opinion columns as a hobby and to keep my mind occupied. This is basically what I did for a living but in a much  more stressed and unhealthy  environment.

The thing that I enjoy doing more than anything is taking photos with my  point and shoot digital camera and having them published in the Garden Island news The quality is just as good as when I toted around 5 lenses, a tripod and various other equipment.  I get a kick out of photographing the sunrise, breaking news and people with  my  point and shoot Panasonic Lumix camera that I bought used on eBay for $40.00. 

I always told my  photography students when I led various workshops over the years, "It's not the tool, it's the carpenter." Nobody ever asks a master carpenter, "what kind of hammer did you use to build that house?"
I take photos with a point a shoot
camera that I purchased
 for $40.00 of eBay.

I really get a kick out of not using film, no darkroom  necessary to develop images and being able to digitally transmit images around the world in seconds.

This is why I enjoy blogging, taking photos and writing opinion articles. This old dog learned a few new tricks.

The best part, the camera fits in my t-shirt pocket!  

"Now you know the rest of the story..." ;-)

James "Kimo" Rosen back in 1976
with purebred Old English
Sheep dog,"Kamala."
Check out this beautiful one minute short YouTube,"Best Friends - a kid, a dog and a puddle..."

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Bettejo Dux said...

This is too perfect. No shit.

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

lShalom Rabbi :

Love it,quite an impressive ,useful fun profession ,vive le Rabbi


Glenn Mickens said...

Great interesting life, Kimo---keep it going but be careful on that bike!!!

KimoRosen said...

Glenn, You too have had an intersting life my firend!