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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Welcoming Syrian refugees to Hawaii?" 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

James "Kimo" Rosen was one of the last people
in America without a cell phone.
Rosen currently talks to 'Siri' (not Syria) on a regular basis.
Rosen  lives with his best friend
 and spiritual advisor Obama  Da Dog
on the cosmic Garden Island of Kauai...

Welcoming Syrian refugees to Hawaii

Hawaii Governor Ige during
his inauguration in   December 2014.

Public domain photo from Google

Editors note; This blog also appeared as an opinion article in the 11-18-15 edition of the Kauai garden island news;

Governor Ige says Hawaii will welcome refugees from Syria with "Aloha." 

We already have an out of control homeless situation in Honolulu. The worst homeless situation in the country. Lawmakers are trying to figure out what to do with our own refugees, yet alone refugees from another country. Send them to a state with a low cost of living and jobs. Hawaii is the most expensive state, very few jobs and has some of the worst traffic congestion in America. 

If we are going to be fighting Syria with boots on the ground, then welcoming them just doesn't sound pono?  This would be like welcoming Germans into our country during World War II.

I don't believe transporting refugees to one of the most remote, small and costly places on the planet is logical.  Our grand-standing governor should realize this. I bet he'd rather find a way to ship Hawaii's homeless to Syria.

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Jean Bornell said...

Via email;
How about sending them to Colorado - they can become POT HEADS

Harmony Bentosino said...

I understand your point how it doesn't make sense to welcome refugees when we have an out of control homeless problem, but as far as being at war with the country from which they come, we would usually welcome refugees because they are renouncing their own country. We did that with the Viet Nam War.

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, True, however we welcomed them after the war over and the US had pulled out, not during the peak of the war.

Harmony Bentosino said...

But then again, I guess it could be hard to tell whose side they are on.

Rick Comstock said...

Hawaii has not addressed the problems they alone have let feaster. Low wages, expensive housing, no jobs, expired visas', and discrimination. The only thing I can see is the "me first" mentality flowing through the lips with the "faux aloha". If 100 refugees even came to Hawaii we would only see 15 or 20 on each island. Hawaii has more than that with undocumented filipinos and Micronesians entering every month..... Think about, why nothing changes in paradise..... Change begins within ones self.

Bettejo Dux said...

More: wait until global warming kicks in. Expect it sooner than you've been told to believe. There will be the largest migration the world has ever known. We are lucky in Hawaii in that we are an island in the middle of the Pacific. Keep airline fares high. Tourist vessels come and go. Good for business, I guess, but passengers move on. Quite expensive.
Problems of local homeless and jobless citizens must be addressed first, seems to me. But Kauai cannot become known as the place to go. What's the answer? I don't know. Some cities are building 'tiny houses' in an attempt to answer this terrible problem. Women and children seem to me tp be first on the list. Putting the people to work? Who has any ideas about this. I will address it briefly--and lightly--in my upcoming column The Greening.

Rick Comstock said...

Rick, How can you predict numbers? I believe it would be much more, since 27 states are not welcoming them as of this posting. You honestly think this is a good idea for the nations security and well being? I am not a Democrat or Republican. I know this idea of bringing in the refugees is Democratic dogma. I usually do not side with Republican ideology. This idea of not bring in refugees is Republican. I do not just agree on something because i like the President. I am an Independent thinker.

Chester "Unc" Lau said...


Bettejo Dux said...

Kimo, I left other responses. I agree with Unc. The Greening is almost done. So cute, you guys will love it.

KimoRosen said...

Breaking news according to Hawaii news Now~ Syrian refugees would most likely not be sent to Hawaii, since there is no existing Syrian community here. So this is why Ige said they were welcome!?

Pete Antonson said...

Dear Xenophobes, take a moment here (it may take many) and try to think of the basis in law the Governors of several States, and YOU, will use to prevent the placement, or movement after placement, of refugees. Second, we will always have a variety of unsolved problems so the logic of your argument is that you will never welcome refugees. Third, after 9/11, we did not close down every flight school in America just because that was a method for 9/11. What we did do was get smarter about methods used like we will about the method used by one Paris terrorist once cooler heads prevail....and they WILL prevail!

Anonymous said...

I say that Mr. Ige doesn't have wisdom or the backbone like the other Governors who are standing up for their State! They understand the severity of accepting refugees that our own CIA has reported that they themselves don't have the ability to know the background of these people who are not in their data base. Are we going to let our Governor misinterpret the compassion of the Aloha spirit to put the citizens of Hawaii in harms way. Not showing strong leadership for the people of Hawaii at all. We need to all start making that call and say we are not going to let you interfere with our safety this way. No Refugees!

KimoRosen said...

I voted for Obama two times, I named my dog after him. I am entitled to disagree with him when I feel a decision could put our country in danger. I still have the highest respect for Obama, just not on this refugee issue.
How can we be assured the refugees are not Isle in disguise?
America has always welcomed the needy, however America is different now, were over populated as it is and can't even take care of our own. It's like a putting fire restrictions on bars. They have limited capacity for safety reasons. America to remain safe should not at this time welcome the enemy with open arms.

This is my opinion... Well?

Thomas LaVenture said...

Good points Kimo. They would need a lot of support and Hawaii has had trouble just supporting the Marshall Islands immigrants.

Thomas LaVenture said...

The screening process is pretty vigorous. I am not fearing that. I am just looking to the issues that other Muslim immigrants and refugees have experienced in Minnesota. The isolation has created problems with youth gangs and strong attachments to the politics back home, making it more difficult to adjust than other groups have experienced. Still, you can't block an entire people because of the threat of a few. Can't let them die where they are.

Anonymous said...

I want heavy screening with lie detectors used, but I would not lock the door on someone fleeing Isis for fear of being killed or forced to join them.

Thomas LaVenture said...

Okay, only let in Christian refugees. But they have to also know the status of each NFL team and be able to pick more than 50 percent of the winners each week. Oh, and they can't like any of that foreign food, and prefer to indulge in processed sugars and saturated fats. And none of that weird music, and no hats or clothes you can't get at Walmart.

Thomas LaVenture said...

Wow, it's sort of tolerance training on my part Kimo. When you have all sides in a free for all it sure tests the patience and I must type and delete paragraphs three times before I post -- really get's me thinking first and learn to appreciate the other perspective.

KimoRosen said...

it's amazing because so many people unfriend their friends because they disagree on political issues. I'm just the opposite. I like to hear the opposing views, but still am an independent thinker.

Thomas LaVenture said...

Yes, it certainly is a barrier. I think its from so many specialty news outlets now that let's people hear the news from the perspective they agree with. Then when people share a different view they turn them off just like FOX or CNBC.

Anonymous said...

too many unknowns in addition to the resources to pay for all of these folks coming in...not just food, and housing, but medical, and dental care too. People keep forgetting the basic economic facts

Obama meme replies said...

OBama mesme replies concerning refugees;
You, Carol Ann Davis, Joe Brennan and Joan Mcfarlane like this.
Samuel Clemens I would bet that every single asylum seeker would be happy to share the pavement with our homeless. Wouldn't you?
Let's see... ...See More
Like · Reply · 7 hrs
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen I voted for Obama two times, I named my dog after him. I am entitled to disagree with him when I feel a decision could put our country in danger. I still have the highest respect for Obama, just not on this refugee issue.
How can we be assured the refu...See More
Like · Reply · 7 hrs
Pete Antonson
Pete Antonson Homelessness has a list of causes; for some it's multiple. "America is over populated" is not on that list since it is not a truism.
Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs
James Kimo Rosen

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Sam U Clemens
I'd have to respectfully disagree with you on this topic. Your doggie knows what's right to do!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs
Steven M Eayrs
Steven M Eayrs I disagree with a lot of things Obama has done... but this is not really one of them. Yes its a risk, and a big cost since each one of these refuges will need help for an average of 5 years to get their feet under them, yet if they try their best to we...See More
Like · Reply · 25 mins
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen Steve, Do you see the irony here? The one time I go republican, you go democrat! wink emoticon Go figure.
Like · Reply · 11 mins
Steven M Eayrs
Steven M Eayrs I see it but really I did not go Demo....Just looking at what I would desire if I was the majority of them. Dems by no way own conpassion.
Like · Reply · 9 mins
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen You sure did go Dem! wink emoticon I think it's great, that your an independent thinker and just don't go republican all the time,
Like · Reply · 6 mins
Steven M Eayrs
Steven M Eayrs Really... If I thought that was what Dems stood for I wouldn't be offended at that comment. lol And your make quite the blanket statement about Repubs too...of course I realize a lot of them don't agree with me on this, but you might be surprised how many do.
Like · Reply · 4 mins
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen 31 state Governors are in opposition to accepting Syrian Refugees and I believe they are all republicans. You can google for a fact check. I'm too tired right now.
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James Kimo Rosen

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Anonymous said...

It would surely be comforting to know for certain that these people have tried to fight for their well being in there own country first. We are to soft of a society and always want to provide a controlled fall for all but our own. Tell the rest of the world to fix their country first before bailing out. Btw... Why are the majority of the so called refugees MALE?

Mitchel J. Schapira I said...

I respectfully disagree

Carrie Lavigne said...

True, but no one can afford more welfare people. Who is going to pay for all these uneducated and unskilled women and children? We are, the American people! Our government is broke and we are borrowing from other countries! We have even gone into more debt with Obama and Obama doesn’t want to cut government waste. He just wants to spend more money that we don’t have! If the Democrats had there way, you would be taking from the rich to pay for more social services for years to come. No need to work, the government takes care of you. Sorry, I know you are a dem., but I do not like seeing what is happening to this country under Obama..

KimoRosen said...


I am not a democrat. I am an independent. I disagree with Obama on the refugee situation as do you.

Aloha 😉

Carrie Lavigne said...

Good to know!

Rick Comstock said...

Kimo... As with Steven... this is not the time to use politics as a tool in opinion. This is a moral issue and the world should come together. Remember more than one dog can eat from the same bowl if you remind the dog there is more than enough....Know tell yourself this three times in a row and it will be true. smile emoticon

Rosemary Pahl-Palmer said...

Well said, but I feel like we are "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". It's a tough call.

John T. Storm said...

Another good write with some great points .

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are fleeing conscription to fight for various factions.

Rick Comstock said...

Kimo... As with Steven... this is not the time to use politics as a tool in opinion. This is a moral issue and the world should come together. Remember more than one dog can eat from the same bowl if you remind the dog there is more than enough....Know tell yourself this three times in a row and it will be true. smile emoticon

EdnJenny Boyette EdnJenny Boyette I said...

I agree with you Rick, in terms of it is a moral issue.

Is it moral and just to discard our veteran servicemen and women, after they've laid their hearts, lives, and sanity on the line for their country?

Is it right to offer asylum to complete strangers, give them cash and a place to live, while our own countrymen suffer?

Charity begins at home.

We need to make sure our house is in order, before we can take on someone else's problems.

It's not a political act, it is a logical and moral response.

Rosemary Pahl-Palmer said...

Well said, but I feel like we are "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". It's a tough call.

EdnJenny Boyette said...

All in favor of our country housing Syrian refugees, offer up a room in your own home.

Give your address to the State department with the amount of refugees your family will sponsor and take in.

Let's see how enthused Americans will be then.

Sam U Clemens said...

I already know 4 people who unequivocally would most certainly put themselves into a database to match them with a family to house. I'd say they can come stay with me as well, except I am only a renter. If my landlord agreed to it, of course I'd let them in!

EdnJenny Boyette said...


And that is the beauty of living in a Democracy!

Freedom of choice.

Btw: this is what's generally expected of sponsors;

*providing the cost of food, rent and household utilities and other day-to-day living expenses;

*providing clothing, furniture and other household goods;

*locating interpreters;
selecting a family physician and dentist;

*assisting with applying for provincial health-care coverage;

*enrolling children in school and adults in language training;

*introducing newcomers to people with similar personal interests;

*providing orientation with regard to banking services, transportation, etc.; and

*helping in the search for employment.

Sam U Clemens said...

No, when someone is running for their lives, they do not expect any of those things. They don't even expect to survive.

EdnJenny Boyette said...

Um, I was saying that as a sponsor, these are the things you are expected to provide the refugee.

If one cannot afford that, the Feds will have to cough up that $$$.

Which means our tax dollars pay for that.

Personally, I'd rather my tax dollars go to the VA to help diminish an American vet's wait time to be seen (or to building homeless shelters for the 'working' homeless Americans, than my tax dollars go to a foreign national.

Sam U Clemens said...

Many immigrants come into this country every day without expectation of anything but a safe place to be. What law states that all the things you list must be provided to a refugee? Because I've never heard such a thing.

As for everything else you said, I feel just as strongly about this country needing to take better care of a ton of issues (those you mention & much more) that it has failed to do for a very long time & I have felt strongly about that for decades. But, why can't we do both? (Both, meaning our domestic problems as well as giving safe refuge to people asking for asylum.)

Steven Eayrs said...

I've read where it costs on average something like $64,000 for the first 2 years, per immigrants that are "legally" processed in our system... And all of the above mentioned is part of the package. Its also part of the moral obligation talked about, and reality is if we expect people to successfully be assimilated into our society, its needed... Think we don't know it exists because we have so many "illegal" immigrants, where there is no process.

Mitchel J. Schapira said...

I wrote earlier that I disagree. Here's why. That we have 50000 homeless vets is a shameful reflection on America. But it should not be an excuse for doing something that is both dumb and cruel. Cruel for the obvious reasons and dumb because a refugee crisis furthers the ambitions of ISIL. By marginalizing Moslems and ignoring the plight of these refugees, we reinforce the Da'esh narrative that the West is at war with Islam. Hopeless, tempest-tossed huddled masses is a good breeding ground for homegrown terrorists like the European terrorists who pulled off Fri. 13th/Paris.

Anonymous said...

The Kaua'i Garden News island is tasking a poll,"Should Hawaii welcome Syrian refugees?" So far it is an overwhelming no. What's your take? Cast your vote by clicking on the link below;


KimoRosen said...

When I was a kid I can still hear my dad telling me you should never talk with friends or strangers about religion or politics. My dad was wise man!