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Monday, November 9, 2015

"There's a lady named Siri..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #97)

James "Kimo" Rosen was one of the last people
in America without a cell phone.
Rosen currently talks to 'Siri' on a regular basis.
Rosen  lives with his best friend
 and spiritual advisor Obama  Da Dog
on the cosmic Garden Island of Kauai...
Kimo's world #97

This blog also appeared in the 12-14-15 edition the Kaua'i Garden Island news;

There's a lady named Siri

I was always somewhat proud to tell people that  I was one of the last people in America to not have a cell phone. That all changed on my last trip to the United States of America. My cousin Ron kept teasing me about living in a third world country--- and this and that and the other thing...

Cousin Ron and  James "Kimo" Rosen
at the local Holocaust memorial
at the Jewish center of Greater Buffalo.

 Finally he said, "you really need to get an iPhone."  I said, I can't afford an iPhone and I really don't want one. He said, "how about  I take you to the iPhone store right now and I buy you an iPhone?" 'You serious?' "yeah I'm serious." he said.

My life has changed, it is much different, I now take pictures with my telephone and talk to people on my camera. I listen to music on Pandora for free, anything form traditional Jewish folk songs to rock-n-roll and in between.

There's a lady named 'Siri,' you can ask any question  your mind can conjure up, or for directions to anywhere in the world and she will direct you there since the iPhone knows your coordinates of longitude and latitude. I can video chat with any other person with an iPhone, Skype or Facetime on Facebook.
This meme was used on
Facebook to promote this blog

I did not even have to type this blog, I dictated it to the the iPhone. The  only mistake Siri made in typing was calling dictation, "Dick Tation!."
And that could had been my fault for improper pronunciation.

 I am waiting for when an app is invented where we can teleport ourselves to anywhere in the world. I am sure that time is coming.

You can also ask Siri fun questions when you are bored. I once asked Siri if she would would marry me. Her reply was, "I sure have gotten a lot of marriage proposals lately, I'm sorry, I am not human so I must decline.

Cousin Ron,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me up-to-date in technology and for your friendship and  love, all of which I've missed for so many years.

An interview with Siri (Susan Bennett)

P.S.~~~Check out this Youtube, this one has the facts and is funny to boot. I am infatuated with Siri! I love you Siri!
Check out the  real woman on this Youtube video behind Siri. (Susan Bennett)

Wikipedia on Susan  Bennett;

Cousin Ron has the sports hat and red sweat shirt.. Others in photo;
Left  side and around,
Cousins Deb, Sue, Jim, Larkin, Em
(Sister Linda standing)and Kevin, back to Ron...

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


KimoRosen said...

Siri, how many people will read this blog? She said she's "Checking" wink emoticon

Rick Comstock said...

I'm still holding out on the smart phone Jimbo. I just can't let go of my pet "Furbie" if your finished with your Furbie I will adopt. My Furbie only has a pet rock. The pet rock is void of conversation. But two Furbies' equals one Siri.

KimoRosen said...

??? ;-)

KimoRosen said...

Rick Comstock, just get one! Join da club! ;-)

Rick Comstock said...

Kimo... a Furbie is a toys from the 90's ..... it talks and communicates with over Furbie's...

Harmony Bentosino said...

I still don't have an IPhone cuz I lack both $ & initiative when it comes to technology. I didn't have a kindle until my sister got me one for my graduation, & I absolutely love it! Kimo, you said you can now get Pandora with your IPhone, but you turned me on to Pandora years ago which I have been using with my desk top ever since.

KimoRosen said...

Just easier with the iPhone!

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, the thing I like most is that it will type for you, it dictates emails, or facebooks, or even blogs. For blogs I now dictate for the rough draft, then manual for the finale...

Linda Meyers said...

I got my first smart phone {heck, first cell phone even} this year. I really really like it! smile emoticon

Mel, John and Max Kontos said...

I used the 'galaxy' app from our android to find a restaurant yesterday. Not as good as Siri, but it worked pretty well!

Anonymous said...

what restaurant did it suggest?

KimoRosen said...

Rick, just get an iPhone! Join da club! wink emoticon

Rick Comstock said...

Got a Furbie....

Sam U Clemens said...

I want a Furbie! Do you seriously have one, Rick

Rick Comstock said...

Sam... sorry we gave 6 of them to the neighbor girl before we moved to Kauai. They were really funny in a circle talking to each other.The longer you let them talk the more they learned and shared... It would get so deep into their system they could make up jokes. And yes you had to feed them and when they yawned they were ready to sleep. Check Amazon......They are still around and really cheap...

Sam U Clemens said...

That sounds like a blast! We should all have Furbies & let them Skype each other. 󾌲

Facebook meme of Kimo said...

You, Debra Mohala Comstock, Janie Quigley-Miller, Sharon Campbell and 7 others like this.
UlyssesMelinda Kontos
UlyssesMelinda Kontos You look great !!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 7 November at 18:27
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen selfie was today this morning! wink emoticon Thanks Mel!
Like · Reply · 7 November at 18:44
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Debra Mohala Comstock
Debra Mohala Comstock My Siri is male with a British accent
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 13:23
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen So is he called Siri? Intersting, do people still call the guy 'Sir'? Jaana Makipaa said the same about a guy with a british accent, but he must have a name? Why not call him Ringo?
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 14:31
Jaana Makipaa
Jaana Makipaa You can program your Siri to be a male or female & also choose the accent. I chose British male.
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 14:41
James Kimo Rosen
James Kimo Rosen Yes we know that, the question is , is that guy also called Siri or does he have a dudes name?
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 14:50
Debra Mohala Comstock
Debra Mohala Comstock Also called Siri
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 14:55
Jaana Makipaa
Jaana Makipaa Siri isn't a male or female. Siri is just Siri!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 14:57
James Kimo Rosen

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