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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fart contests in Japan..." 'Chester "Unc" Lau' (Source) ~ Thanks for the info Unc!~

Dakinetalk's favorite Uncle (Chester Lau)
"Unc"  is really passionate about creating a national Caregivers day.
Any help , support or ideas would be greatly appreciated...
'Unc' currently resides on the Hawai'ian Island of Oahu. 
He is a retired cinematographer,
 and  enjoys giving the politicians a bad time...

Fart contests in Japan
Unc doing what he loved. 'Cinematography.'
Editor's note; Unc was recently
contacted by a major publisher because they
saw his dakinetalk bogs on the original Hawaii-Five-0.
The blogs featured Jack Lord and James MacArthur.
Unc is telling  all he can remember for an upcoming
book about that time in TV history!
Congratulations, Ho'omaika'i 'Ana and  Mazol Tov To Unc!
Can'twait to see the book!


Farting Contest In Ancient Japan...

In ancient Japan public contest were held in which the person who can fart loudest and longest could be the winner of the event.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He-gassen

All around the world there are many weird and bizarre contests, like the Extreme Ironing championships or the Chess Kickboxing; but one contest that has recently caught the public?s eye is Japan's Farting Contest. It is a public contest which is more bizarre than any of the modern day?s extreme contests.

Check out this Youtube of a modern day public farting contest in Japan!

Japan which is regarded as ?The Land of Rising Sun? and ?The Land of Samurais? do a have comical side too. Although in African tribes, of Malawi, farting may be considered offense but in old Japan public farting contest were held regularly and the person who could fart loudest  and longest was considered as winner. The winner receives great commendation and prizes.

This fad? also seems to have quite some impact on other countries too, and not just Japan in particular. These contests have begun worldwide, but on a smaller level. To end this on a high note: Greet your guests by farting. It's considered a greeting by an Indian tribe in South America.

Check out Unc's memories from the Original Hawaii Five-0. 
These were Googled , a  publisher contacted me about getting info from Unc. I  then set Unc up with this world renowned publisher!  
James "Kimo" Rosen,publisher & CEO dakinetalk blog.
Jack Lord;
James MacArthur;
 A note to Unc from Jack Lord star of the original Hawaii Five-O,
where "Unc" worked as a cinematographer.

"The ultimate way to start the day, with a Kaua'i Sunrise!

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...

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